Matt Turner – Infiltrator (Geode, 1995)

Matt Turner

CD Geode 95002 (USA, 1995)

01. Bite
02. One
03. Air
04. His Royal Heinous
05. Mobile
06. Opt
07. Silent Scream
08. After
09. ‘Trane
10. My Red Hat
11.Toonster Rag
12. Dragon
13. Infiltrator
14. In Purple
15. Whisperish

Matt Turner : cello, piano

Matt Turner is regarded as one of the world’s leading improvising cellists. Equally adept in many styles, Turner performs everything from jazz standards and twentieth century new music to alternative rock and improvised avant-garde.
Turner completed his undergraduate studies at Lawrence University and his Master of Music degree in Third Stream Studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Dave Holland, Geri Allen and Joe Maneri, and where he was the recipient of a Distinction in Performance Award.
Turner has performed at the International Cello Festival in Montreal, the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, and with CUBE, Present Music, and Dadadah. He is featured on more than twenty recordings with such artists as Marilyn Crispell and Joseph Jarman. Turner appears on O.O. Discs, Asian Improv, Rastascan, Geode, Cadence, Music and Arts, Accurate, and other labels. Turner served on the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music faculty as a lecturer in jazz for three years.

(Matt Turner homepage)

In the acoustic world, there are still some Luddites and technophobes who continue to lament the demise of the vinyl LP. They’ll tell you that the digital realm is cold and that records had a much warmer sound than CDs. But they’re a minority; the vast majority of acoustic-oriented musicians will tell you that CDs have been a major blessing for acoustic music — be it jazz, classical, folk, bluegrass, or traditional Middle Eastern oud playing. Recorded in 1995, Matt Turner’s Infiltrator bears that out. Turner’s unaccompanied performances — some on cello, some on piano — remind listeners how great the digital medium has been for acoustic music. There is no tape hiss to distract or annoy the listener; all one hears is pure, unadulterated music, and all the intricacies of Turner’s playing are there for listeners to enjoy — that is, if one has a taste for this type of music. Infiltrator is avant-garde jazz of the AACM variety, and Turner has obviously been influenced by avant-garde classical. Abstract and cerebral, Infiltrator is the sort of disc that would appeal to fans of Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, and Muhal Richard Abrams; like those AACM improvisers, Turner goes for the type of outside playing that favors space over density. Turner doesn’t go out of his way to be harsh and abrasive, but at the same time he doesn’t go out of his way to be accessible to those who haven’t developed a taste for this type of music. Infiltrator, like so much avant-garde jazz, must be accepted on its own terms — there’s no getting around that fact. But for those who do comprehend what Turner is doing, this CD is worth checking out.
(Alex Henderson, All Music Guide)

This collection of improvisations for unaccompanied cello and piano is always striking, sometimes stark, sometimes lush, and sometimes grating. Highly recommended. (Uvulittle Records)

FR 2011 sera une année utile. 2011 marquera la reconquête de mon lectorat afin de rendre ce blog populaire. Vous me direz que ce n’est pas avec ces pièces de violon ou piano solo sérieuses et studieuses qu’on y arrivera. Détrompez-vous, si les hautes sphères du jazz d’avant-garde ne touchent qu’une petite niche, chaque clic compte néanmoins. Et demain je poste un truc de progressive nu-metal (ou pas).
ENG In 2010 this blog was confidential, in 2011 this blog will be popular, trust me. There will be music for everyone: weird french touch (see previous post), boring avant-garde jazz here (did I say boring? no, this one is studious, it’s different), and maybe tomorrow I’ll post some progressive nu-metal (or not).

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