Dead Wood / Matthew Shaw – Shottsford Forum (Apollolaan, 2010)

Dead Wood / Matthew Shaw
Shottsford Forum

CDr Apollolaan Recordings apan043 (UK, 12-2010)

01. The Railway
02. Loaf
03. Shredder
04. Magic with Cards

« Shottsford Forum » is the debut album by Deadwood (Adam Baker / Dirty Demos) and Matthew Shaw. These original recordings and treatments were made in Blandford Forum, Dorset, during the summer of 2010. « Shottsford Forum » is released in an edition of 50 hand painted and numbered copies on cdr.
Dead Wood is the solo project of composer, improviser, and label-owner Adam Baker, born in Dunfermline, Scotland, and currently based in Wareham, Dorset. Since 2002, across a series of releases and collaborations on a number of international labels (At War With False Noise, X Died En Route Y, Striate Cortex, Dead Pilot), he has foraged through field recording, digital and analogue drone, sampling, circuit-bending and small-instrument improvisation, crossing categories in pursuit of resonant and mesmerising sounds. He also runs the Dirty Demos label, releasing limited editions of work from the international experimental underground.
Matthew Shaw is based in Dorset and has recorded for the last decade under the name Tex La Homa. Matthew creates a wide range of music both solo and with collaborators including Brian Lavelle, Andrew Paine, Michael Tanner and Mark Fry. Matthew has recorded for a variety of labels including Talitres, Acuarela, All Is Number, Sonic Oyster, Blackest Rainbow, Ikuisuus, Siren Wire Editions, Moonpalace, Grey Sparkle, Melodic and more.

What on earth is going on here? Something seriously fuckin weird is what. Like the sound of distant ghouls having a conversation. This is totally bizarre sounding with ghostly sounds sweeping across, probably some kind of location/ field recordings, some wee drones here and there. Lord knows what these guys have been up to and what there’re using to make the sounds. Generally things work pretty subtly on the surface but when you focus in there’s all sorts of interesting stuff and garbled voices and what not. (Norman Records)

According to the website of Apolllolaan, this particular release is already sold out, so why bother with a review, I muzzed? Well, perhaps because I reviewed other music by Dead Wood before. Dead Wood, nom de plume for Adam Baker (who is also behind the Dirty Demos label, of whom I lately didn’t hear much), who teams up here with one Matthew Shaw, of whom I don’t think I haven’t heard before. Dead Wood’s music has slowly evolved, over the years and over a variety of releases, into something which we could loosely define as laptop sound. There is, say, a faint trace of field recordings (people talking, the shopping centre) of which sounds are fed through a bunch of computer plug ins and/or analogue sound devices to create that mild humming drone like sound. The four pieces on this release have that on display in a rather nice way. Its hard to say who does what on this release, if such a thing applies in here (or is indeed necessary, because why should we care who did what here?). The end result is what counts. Four pieces of drone music, delivered with some dignity, and as such nothing spectacular. Not in terms of what it is, or how its made, but throughout executed with some style and great care. Not that shift in drone music, but then perhaps not necessary either. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

FR Frans de Waard s’excuserait presque de chroniquer un album déjà épuisé (‘bon d’accord vous n’entendrez sans doute jamais ce disque, mais vous savez, même si c’est pas mal c’est pas grave non plus…’). Pour l’acheter c’est cuit (j’espère que vous serez plus réactifs avec les prochaines sorties du label), pour l’écouter par contre ça devrait être possible (un truc à base de drone et de field recordings plus ou moins opaques, c’est pile dans ma ligne éditoriale, ça tombe bien).
ENG When Frans de Waard says ‘perhaps not necessary either’, he surely means ‘yes I know it’s already sold out and you’ll probably never have a chance to hear it, but have no regret: it’s a good but not crucial album’. Drones and field recordings from Dorset, nice one indeed (and hurry up if you want a copy of the new Richard Youngs LP).

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Un commentaire pour Dead Wood / Matthew Shaw – Shottsford Forum (Apollolaan, 2010)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    More from Apollolaan:
    Space Weather The Weather’s Maiden

    (oui, ce blog a bien une ligne éditoriale…)
    (… and who said ‘no more drones in 2011’?)

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