Barzabal / Charles / Kaplan / Pallandre – Patagonia (Three Chairs, 2006)

Leandro Barzabal, Xavier Charles, Leonel Kaplan & Jean Pallandre

CD Three Chairs Recordings TCR 02 (Argentina, 09-2006)

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. VI
07. VII
08. VIII
09. IX
10. X
11. XI

Leandro Barzabal, percussion
Xavier Charles, clarinet
Leonel Kaplan, trumpet
Jean Pallandre, phonography

An incredible Field Recording adventure in Patagonia; the very south of the globe. After participating at the No Spaghetti Edition Festival in Buenos Aires; Jean, Xavier, Lionel and Leandro embarked themselves into a three weeks experience between lakes, mountains, wales and penguins. This recording is really surprising, not only because the music is so beautiful, but also due the very unorthodox way of recording it: the musicians were playing most of the time a few miles away from each other, meanwhile Jean was freely moving his microphones here and there, letting us hear the hugeness of this uncovered space. (Three Chairs)

Featuring Leonel Kaplan on trumpet, Xavier Charles on clarinet, Jean Pallandre on phonography and Leandro Barzabal on percussion. This disc was recorded live in Patagonia in September of 2005 and then remixed in France and Argentina during the following summer. Besides our newly discovered friend, Leonel Kaplan, who has a trio disc out with Nate Wooley and Audrey Chen, Xavier Charles is the only name here I recognize. I’ve hard Mr. Charles play up at the Victo Fest and he has collaborated with Otomo Yoshihide, John Butcher, Diane Labrosse and Martin Tetreault.
Leonel mentioned that outdoor sounds were recorded and utilized by the quartet. The first things were here are assorted birds, waves and similar sounds of nature. It takes some time before we hear anything else, but a clarinet does slowly drift in later on in the first piece. ‘Track 2’ features the dense sound of water with Leonel’s trumpet breath sounds. The outdoor sounds permeate many of these tracks with the occasional sounds of the clarinet, trumpet, percussion or turntable. Often, all we can hear are those nature sounds, making one wonder how much the musicians have contributed to the overall sound. It does force us to listen more closely to figure out who is doing what. The sounds are most often fascinating as the textures are always changing. I would imagine that this disc sounds better with headphones since we can here the minute sounds and changes more readily.
(Downtown Music Gallery)

Xavier Charles (clarinette), Leandro Barzabal (percussion), Leonel Kaplan (trompette) et Jean Pallandre (phonographies) enregistrés live durant l’mois de septembre 2005. De l’eau, du vent, des pingouins, des musiciens, une musique de l’instant, de jolies fusions… Comme un dépliant d’cartes postales sonores. Limpide et vivifiant. (Metamkine)

FR Et un beau disque pour se rafraichr les oreilles (sauf si on est allergique aux pingouins).
ENG Fresh air, fresh music, that’s all we need.

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