Martux_M – Exceptio (Defrag Sound Processing, 2005)


CD Defrag Sound Processing dfrgcd87 (Italy, 2005)

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Exceptio cd by Martux_m (aka Maurizio Martusciello) represents the end of a journey began with the homonymous live audio-visual performance at  »Terme di Diocleziano » in Rome, and inspired to Agamben’s  »Homo Sacer ». Exceptio is an inner reflection about history and its recurrences. The language is enriched by the harmony of different signs. The music of Exceptio creates an acusmatic body made up of opposites : The warm and cold atmosphere, the peace and the war, the fire and the water, the fluidity and the immobility. He explores the instant where the opposites meet to see how they change. Martux_m, with Exceptio, tries to unmask well-established systems to reach a pure moment and his emotion. (DSP Recordings)

Now maybe Martux_m is not a familiar name, the man behind it, Maurizio Martusciello, is perhaps known for his releases on KIP or maybe his recent split LP with Kaffe Matthews on Stichting Mixer aswell as being a member of Z_E_L_L_E and Metaxu. ‘Exceptio’ is the final work that begain with a live-visual performance in Rome, inspired to Agamben’s « Homo Sacer’. « Exceptio is an inner reflection about history and its recurrences ». In seven pieces he depicts duality: cold vs warm, war vs peace, fire vs water, etc. He does this with great care. Moving in the usual areas of microsound, he has a deep ambient glitch sound: stretched out fields of sound, argumented by small, microscopic clicks, but minimally changed and repeated. It’s hard to hear the duality mentioned, but for sure these seven pieces are some of the finest ambient glitch musics around. Maybe not entirely original with nods to say Stephan Mathieu, this is nevertheless the best work I heard from him to date, solo and group works alike. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

J’ai un peu de mal à saisir le concept de dualité dans ce disque, plus exactement j’ai un peu de mal à l’entendre à l’oeuvre. Ce qui ne doit pas vous empêcher de l’écouter et de l’apprécier (comme souvent avec ce genre de musique, donc pas d’inquiétude).

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