Kusak – Le Motel (Diesel Combustible, 2002)

Le Motel

CD Diesel Combustible # 13 (France, 2002)

01. Eldorado
02. En Plein Air
03. Le Motel (Plastic Version)
04. Télégraphe
05. Prisme #4

Enregistré à Brest: mai 98 / déc 2000

His name sounds like an eastern europe spy’s out of a James Bond Movie. His music is as mysterious as his name.
Hervé LeRoy, a pure Britanny child, has played in various noisy/pop/indie bands before joining TANK live line up as the band’s main keyboard operator for a couple of years.
The music was recorded in Brest. Fluid, warm & sensual, all these words come to our mind to describe the five tracks of his debut record.
You cannot file Kusak’s record under electronic or laptop minimalism. Guitars and keyboards parts melt with percussions and prevent the tracks against regular boredom caused by claustrophobic and uninteresting electronica. Only Brian Eno can reach this point when a single repetitive pattern brings you where an over-crowded rhythm won’t let you go. And so Kusak.
(Diesel Combustible)

FR Pile le genre d’ambient que j’aime poster ici. Si vous êtes des habitués de la maison (ou si vous connaissez déjà Diesel Combustible), vous savez à quoi vous attendre.
ENG Exactly the kind of ambiet music I like to post here (think Pan American or Brian Eno). Very nice.

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  1. docteurorlof dit :


    (and if you enjoy this kind of music, Diesel Combustible is truly a nice label)

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