RST – Warm Planes (Corpus Hermeticum, 1999)

Warm Planes

CD Corpus Hermeticum Hermes032 (New Zealand, 12-1999)

01. Black Sand
02. Transform
03. The Brothers 5:14
04. Dark Star 7:13
05. Voltage (Dub) 7:13
06. Pylon 7:04
07. Wasted Magic 6:02
08. Fuselage 9:50

Second full-length offering from this NZ master of squeal ‘n sheen guitar textures. Guaranteed to pin your head to the floor with calm, carefully abraded and composed blocks of unrelenting noise. Confounds the armchair cynics who claim the guitar is devoid of meaning, in RST’s hands it is reclaimed and made to do new work creating thermal pools for your mind. Dip in. (Corpus Hermeticum)

New Zealand’s Andrew Moon has spent the past decade plus as RST, finding the one thing the electric guitar was truly meant to do – make a holy noise. Somewhere between the hum of the amplifier and the vibration of untouched strings lies electricity’s nervous system. Sound reduced to its cold essentials. Unsettled waves sluiced through luxuriant effects and delays. The gristle of the electrical grid harnessed and reconfigured as exquisite ostinato. (Utech Records)

Whereas the Ecstatic Peace! disc was a dense assemblage of claustrophobic humid distortion, Warm Planes is much more of a drone based disc, downright dreamy at times, an amazing collection of dynamic tectonic guitar-drone rumble, very prescient considering the current love of all things doomdronedirge. And holy shit does this stuff hold up. Dense and thick and viscous, these tracks move at a crawl, slowly and completely engulfing everything it their path, filling your ears with a murky black buzz. Some of the tracks dial back the grrrrr a bit, offering up soft ripples of muted feedback, and shimmering swells of amp buzz, while others are expansive sheets of crystalline shimmer, but the majority, are thick and snarling beasts, steel strings reverberating through big black speakers, and wrapping us up in thick tendrils of guitar growl. A doomdirgedrone classic, before there even was such a thing. (Aquarius Records)

Tout un monde de guitares qui sonnent comme autant de sculptures sonores. Notre espace d’écoute est très vite envahi par le vol d’avions ou d’insectes non identifiés. (Metamkine)

FR Vous connaissez sans doute déjà RST, inutile donc de rappeler que dans le genre guitar drone Andrew Moon produit la musique la plus fascinante entendue depuis une dizaine d’années. Et si vous ne connaissez pas, et si vous n’accrochez pas, donnez du temps au temps, ça en vaut vraiment la peine.
ENG You surely already know RST, no need to tell you how fascinating this guitar drone music can be. 320kbps rip with full scans as usual for this fantastic album.

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Un commentaire pour RST – Warm Planes (Corpus Hermeticum, 1999)

  1. docteurorlof dit :
    (very?) last copies at Metamkine and Forced Exposure

    More from RST:
    Axes (Last Visible Dog)
    More from Corpus Hermeticum:
    Kjetil D Brandsdal Freedom Waaaoh Waaoh
    (follow the tags for details…)

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