Marc-Henri Arfeux – Blossom (Ruralfaune, 2010)

Marc-Henri Arfeux

CDr Ruralfaune Synth Series synth007/rur087 (France, 03-2010)

01. Blossom
02. Avril 2009
03. Ama No Sode
04. Fragment 17
05. Fragment 22
06. Première Nuit

MHA is a french novelist, poet & philosophy teacher. A musical project exploring the mystery of the world in connection to perception, emotion and its metaphysic enigma. A journey through french avant-garde and synthetic minimalism. (Ruralfaune)

If anything, its crazily overambitious. “Hippy sex cults in Houllebecq’s Atomized Flourescent lit interrogation rooms in Michael Mann’s “Manhunter”, say my notes. “It evokes the birth of light and the streaming of the colours through the infinite,’ says Arfeux. (Sam Davies, The Wire)

Taking a more studious, academically-grounded approach to synthesis than some of the more DIY-oriented releases on Rural Faune’s Synth Series, Blossom is an album by French composer, novellist and poet Marc-Henri Arfeux. Across six pieces, Arfeux employs a host of both analogue and digital synthesizers, fashioning soundscapes that are as indebted to early electronic pioneers as they are later synth gurus such as Klaus Schulze and Jean-Michel Jarre. At times there are parallels to be with contemporaries such as Oneohtrix Point Never (a fellow contributor to the Rural Faune Synth Series), but there’s also a recurrent emphasis on the more new-age inspired aspects of synthesizer music, with a track like ‘Ama No Sode’ inviting comparisons with Popol Vuh’s most strictly electronic works, or Vangelis’s keyboard meanderings. ‘Fragment 22’ only confirms this, weaving together atmospheric synth-string drones and chant-like female vocals. At the more experimental end of Arfeux’s output you’ll hear the likes of ‘Fragment 17’, which feature far heavier processing, revealing the hand of computer-based edits and plug-in tampering. All this makes Blossom one of the more technical and thorough entries into the Synth Series, but there’s enough of a grounding in gaudy, dream-like weirdness to ensure that essential spirit of Rural Faune’s sub-label is preserved. (Boomkat)

FR Etonnant de trouver un disque aussi ‘sérieux’ sur Ruralfaune (genre ‘qu’est-ce qu’il fout là ce vieux au milieu de groupes de musique de jeunes ?’). Blossom se montre très ambitieux, voire trop, et le résultat n’est du coup pas toujours à la hauteur des ambitions de départ. Ambition rime souvent avec prétention (la lecture des longues notes d’intention n’arrange rien), mais ce disque s’avère surtout sincère, parfois primitif ou naïf, et autant ses imperfections que son ambition finissent par le rendre tout à fait touchant. Sa présence sur Ruralfaune étant surtout synonyme de distribution confidentielle et hasardeuse, si vous en trouvez un exemplaire jetez-vous dessus sans hésiter.
ENG Unexpected ‘serious’ music on Ruralfaune. Blossom is overambitious, so it’s not working all the time, but most of all this music is sincere, sometimes even naive, often touching and always interesting. File under french electroacoustic underground that Creel Pone will reissue in twenty five years.

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Un commentaire pour Marc-Henri Arfeux – Blossom (Ruralfaune, 2010)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    More from Ruralfaune in the archives, follow the tags…

    Marc-Henri Arfeux also has a new album available for free on DNA Production:

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