Rob Mullender – Metro Magnetics (Staalplaat, 2003)

Rob Mullender
Metro Magnetics

CD3′ Staalplaat STmCD 024 (Netherlands, 2003)

01. Moscow
02. Vancouver
03. London

Remixes of magnetic field recordings made between May and October 2002 on the Moscow Metro, Vancouver Skytrain and London Underground.

Metro Magnetics is the first commercial release of material by London based sound artist and sculptor Rob Mullender. It consists of magnetic field recordings of metro stations in Moscow, London and Vancouver. The three pieces are edited down from hours of material and multitlayered, but the sound on the recordings is otherwise unaltered.
A longstanding fascination with environmental sound and energy has informed Rob’s recordings and sculptures, and his work centres on making the inaudible audible, or revealing through sound. Current work includes a laser to sound variation on the Michelson Interferometer, a film soundtrack composition using tha Soviet A.N.S synthesizer, a collaboration with Russian composer Stanislav Kreichi, a photoelectric visual environment to sound transcription device and an ultrasonic survey of central London.
Rob has exhibited at the Dom in Moscow, The Royal Society of British Sculptors in London and the London Foundry, and has performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Jazz Cafe in London. He has also made sound recordings on programmes for BBC Radio 4 and Resonance FM, and regularly co-organises improvised sound events and d.j’s.

FR On prend plus souvent le métro par nécessité que par plaisir, ici il (re)devient pur moyen de transport. Rob Mullender a également sorti un album excellent avec Isobel Clouter sur and/OAR (cette fois-ci la tête dans le sable).
ENG Metro magnetics it says, metro magnetics you’ll hear, pure transport. Rob Mullender also released an excellent album with Isobel Clouter on and/OAR (about singing and booming sand this time).

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