Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band – Cosmic Dialogues (September Gurls, 1993)

Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band
Cosmic Dialogues

CD September Gurls SGCD 4 (Germany, 01-1993)

01. Live, for the Fire
02. The Voices
03. Have Soul Will Travel
04. Pure Sweet Love
05. Blue Reflections
06. Space Sisters
07. Wolf And Lamb
08. Feel, the Awesome Sky
09. I Never Saw the Sun
10. Color Circles
11. Ceremony for Cpt. Fly
12. To the Muses
13. Look, Towards the Future
14. U Shaped Behavior
15. Driftwood
16. See, You’re Gonna Fry
17. New Tongues
18. May the Circle Remain Unbroken

Larry Robinson – guitar, vocals, banjo, drums, perc., flute, keyboards samples
Todd Homer – electric autoharp, vocals, bass, harmonium, analogue synth., musette, toys
Recorded at Larry Land Studios in 1991 and 1992

Cosmic Dialogues is the 3rd album by L.A. based Mooseheart Faith consisting mainly of the two multi-instrumental talents Todd Homer (who was once upon a time an Angry Samoan) and Larry Robinson (who played with Motown-signed disco band Apollo in the early 80’s). They navigate through folk tinged by mystic romanticism, psychedelia with 60’s influences and even touch on Eastern shores in music as well as thought. Along the way they create excellent rock songs and ballads. (September Gurls)

Cosmic Dialogues is their third slice and, again, a near-masterpiece. In Stellar Groove-domain you can hear the grass grow and the birds twitter among loveley little chunks with delicate intertwining melodies. They sure found inspiration in 60’s psychedelia and early 70’s progressive rock, but Larry and Todd perfectly veer away their weird analog keyboards and stringed instruments when it all gets to progressive. Yes, it’s the song that counts for these guys. If you still like your nation to be underground, your piper to be at the gates, and your pop art to be West Coast and experimental, Mooseheart Faith is your perfect, got-to-have, contemporary supplement. (Popwatch)

FR A force de partir dans tous les sens, cet endroit va devenir aussi brouillon qu’un film de Miike (et c’est pas bon signe). Psychédélisme et acid folk au programme, par un groupe dont le nom fait référence à un type persuadé d’avoir été enlevé par des extra-terrestres. Bref, ça plane pour eux.
ENG Acid folk, anyone? Psychedelic rock, anyone? Cosmic dialogues, anyone?

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