Arthur Cantrill – Chromatic Mysteries (Shame File Music, 2010)

Arthur Cantrill
Chromatic Mysteries : Soundtracks 1963-2009

CD Shame File Music sham 054 (Australia, 2010)

01. Meteor Crater – Gosse Bluff
02. Petunias
03. Meditations (Fast Disc)
04. 9 Image Film
05. Waterfall (excerpt)
06. Eikon
07. Galaxy
08. Home Movie – a Day in the Bush
09. The Second Journey (to Uluru) (excerpt)
10. The Room of Chromatic Mystery
11. The City of Chromatic Dissolution (excerpt)

A retrospective CD of experimental filmmaker, Arthur Cantrill’s extraordinary four decades of soundtracks, including subtly-manipulated environmental recordings and some of the earliest examples of Australian musique concrete.
Arthur and Corinne Cantrill have been making stunning, innovative films for fifty years. Yet little attention has been paid to their soundtracks. Many were realised by Arthur Cantrill using a range of ingenious methods on the cutting edge of electronic and environmental music development in Australia. Chromatic Mysteries documents a selection of Arthur’s soundtracks from as early as 1963 through to his most recent work. These eleven tracks stand alone as sound works in themselves, ranging from subtly composed environmental soundscapes to abstract electronic music and musique concrete. Chromatic Mysteries is both a testament to the perhaps hitherto-unrecognised talent of Arthur Cantrill as sound artist, and another newly-uncovered story of the development of electronic and experimental music in Australia.
(Shame File Music)

Chromatic Mysteries is a collection of soundtracks of moviemaker Arthur Cantrill from Australia. It is a overview of tracks from 1963 till now. Arthur Cantrill has been making movies with his partner Corinne for more than 50 years. He uses fieldrecordings, voice, radio, music instruments and tape recorders to compose his beautiful music. This CD is really a feast for the ears. The sounds are pure, not dated in a specific period and varied. Lots of his compositions are filled with the sound of birds and other nature sounds. Other compositions are made by radiosounds, piano and a female singing voice. Most of the sounds are generated by equalizers, computer, tape-recorders, playing with speed and playback. I can spend a lot of words to this release, but I will not do it, because every word is too much. Chromatic Mysteries is highly recommended and one of the best CDs of this year so far. (Jan-Kees Helms, Vital Weekly)

Le couple australien Arthur et Corinne Cantrill ont réalisé des films expérimentaux depuis 1960. L’une de leur spécialité est la séparation chromatique créant jeu de textures et de couleurs aux forts relents psychédéliques. Mais ils sont aussi les auteurs des parties sonores et ce CD, document couvrant la période 1963 – 2009, propose de nous faire découvrir cet aspect de leur travail coupé de son support visuel. Une découverte passionante faisant le pont entre musique concrète et musique environnementale, entre collage et paysage. (Metamkine)

FR Une vraie découverte. Je vous dirais bien de ne pas le télécharger et de l’acheter directement, mais je vous ai quand même glissé un petit lien ‘pour évaluation’.
ENG Never heard of Arthur Cantrill before, never seen his movies, so this is a real discovery, a complete surprise, and it’s a truly fantastic collection.

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