Bojan Zulfikarpasic – Koreni (Label Bleu, 1999)

Bojan Zulfikarpasic

CD Label Bleu LBLC 6614 (France, 1999)

01. La Petite Gitane (Cigancica) (Traditional)
02. Radio Bo (Rabeson)
03. Koreni (Zulfikarpasic)
04. Cecen Kizi (Bey)
05. Gradino Kolo (Zulfikarpasic)
06. Sveti Boze (Dear Lord) (Sabin)
07. The Joker (Zulfikarpasic)
08. Zulfikar-Pacha (Zulfikarpasic)
09. CD-ROM (Zulfikarpasic)
10. Satcha (Zulfikarpasic)

Vojin Draskoci – double bass
Kudsi Erguner – ney
Julien Lourau – saxophones
Vincent Mascart – saxophone
Tony Rabeson – drums
Predrag Revisin – double bass
Vlatko Stefanovski – guitar
Karim Ziad – percussion
Bojan Zulfikarpasic – piano

For his third album as a leader, pianist Bojan Zulfikarpasic returns to his roots (« koreni » in Serbo-Croatian) and a music he rejected while growing up in the former Yugoslavia. Koreni features Zulfikarpasic surrounded by several regular collaborators, a few countrymen, and Turkish virtuoso Kudsi Erguner, who plays the ney, a Middle Eastern reed flute. Settings vary from a piano/sax duo to an octet propelled by two basses. Often compared to Wynton Kelly or Bill Evans, Zulfikarpasic proves that he can be at ease in any jazz context and that Balkan music possesses the required qualities to be a basis for improvisation. « Radio Bo, » penned by drummer Tony Rabeson and performed by a traditional piano trio, is indeed deeply rooted in bebop. And « Sveti Boze » is surely the pianist’s tour de force, an arrangement of a religious chant from the 14th century that is metamorphosed into a very open and free exploration. Other compositions rely on the uplifting quality that characterizes Eastern European dances. The entrancing and beautifully dark « Zulfikar-Pacha » and the closing march, « Satcha, » are among the highlights. All the musicians should be credited for their contributions but a special mention goes to Julien Lourau, whose powerful and fiery solos demonstrate that he is one of the most promising French saxophonists of his generation, and to Kudsi Erguner, whose wooden and eerie sound on the ney adds a lot of texture. Koreni is a testimony to Bojan Zulfikarpasic’s encyclopedic jazz knowledge and to his skills in meshing different genres. As a result, the music will appeal as much to jazz aficionados as to fans of Eastern European music. (Alain Drouot, All Music Guide)

FR Les précédents albums du pianiste étaient simplement signés Bojan Z (d’un Z qui veut dire…, ça c’est fait), celui-ci est plus personnel. Très chaudement recommandé.
ENG Highly recommended. What else can I say?

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