Llips vs Starfish Pool – Sweetwater (U-Cover, 2000)

Llips. vs. Starfish Pool

CD U-Cover U-COVER 003CD (Belgium, 09-2000)

01. Llips. – Drowning
02. Starfish Pool – In Sense
03. Llips. – Sweetwater
04. Llips. – Dogs
05. Starfish Pool – If I May Think So
06. Llips. – In the Valley
07. Starfish Pool – Dreams of You
08. Llips. – Mixed Colours
09. Starfish Pool – Mouthful
10. Llips. – Smell Unalaska

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 10 recorded in New York City, USA, 2000
Tracks 2, 5, 7 & 9 recorded in Borgerhout, Belgium, 2000

New York’s lofi-electronic act LLIPS. and Starfish Pool worked out a superb release combining filmish sounds, guitarscapes, icey vocals, weird spoken samples and electronic trickery.
The Belgium/US/Mexico collective Llips. with key-members Koen Lybaert, Jeff Mcillwain, Esther Santoyo Rio, Steven Lambrechts, Ivy Smits, Chantal Yzermans, Dave Vanderplas, have been creating an impressive catalogue in a very short period. (from 1999 to 2003) They’ve explored a range of musical forms, enjoyed making music for this project, and came with new ideas and experiments with each release always trying to bring something beautiful that could touch peoples senses. On the 7th of December at the Observatori 2001 in Valencia, Llips. performed their last gig and placed a final point on their short but creative existence. After a short delay, their last and final work has been beautifuly released by the french label FBWL in february 2003.
The electronic project of Koen Lybaert that was active between 1993 and 2003. Recently Koen Lybaert started his new project called Ontayso, together with Esther Santoyo and Dave Vanderplas. Starfish Pool was working in the experimental area of minimal, rhytmic, ambient, noise, in all its aspects. Since the very start it is the manipulation of loops – the basic idea of the way tracks were created as Starfish Pool. This concept that has nothing to do with the sound but more with the way that tracks where practically made. In 10 years time Starfish pool had more than 25 releases.


Ambient guitar… Le point commun entre Llips, Starfish Pool et U-Cover est Koen Lybaert (Ontayso), tête pensante du label et membre des deux formations. Projet participatif très ouvert, Llips pouvait jouer simultanément sur deux continents différents, et a surtout signé avec Dos Partes et It All Ends Where It Begins deux albums magnifiques.

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    (maybe I’ll post It All Ends Where It Begins later…)

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