Moniek Darge – Crete Soundies (Kye, 2010)

Moniek Darge
Crete Soundies

CD Kye KYE 06 (USA, 2010)

01. Magnesia
02. Anemos
03. East Crete

Kye is pleased to announce the release of crete soundies, the major new work by moniek darge, and the follow-up to last years soundies (1980-2001) CD. Crete soundies presents three new pieces – Magnesia (2006), Anemos (2007) and East crete (2008-2009). These works were born from two years of levka ori sound research, and an additional year in east crete in collaboration with fellow sound artist Francoise Vanhecke. Moniek darge was born in bruges, 1952 and studied music theory and violin at the music conservatory of Bruges, painting at the ghent royal academy of fine arts; art history, philosophy and anthropology at the university of ghent, belgium. She is active as composer, violinist, performer and audio artist and has built light and soundsculptures, installations, musical instruments and for many years has been constructing a series of alternative music boxes, with which she also performs. darge has specialised in both soundscapes and live-art performances in which visual and musical aspects are combined and in interactional improvisation on violin. since 1970 she has performed around the world and has been active on stage, first with the logos ensemble, then with logos duo (together with godfired-willem raes), and more recently with the m&m robot ensemble. She also founded logos women, a small group specialised in intermedia improvisations performing their own compositions for various instruments, voices and music boxes. she’s often invited by international artists to collaboration. In 1986 the third program of the national belgian radio broadcasted a series of programs about her concerts and performances in new york city and about some artists with whom she collaborated there. a similar program was made about her music experiences in Kenya and Rwanda. and later on also about Japan, China, Bresil, Australia, New Zealand etc. She herself also realised radio programs about women artists over the world. in 1997 she received the title of cultural embassador of flanders for the logos duo. Moniek darge published several journalistic and literary essays, amongst which ‘inter media myths, auto-author’ (1986), an art edition, combining poetry, drawings, scores and pictures (toronto, art metropole-catalogue no.12) and the book ‘lijf tegen lijf’ (body against body, kritak, leuven, 1982). she’s general editor of the ‘logos-blad’, the monthly magazine of the logos foundation, which appears already during more than 30 years and in which she also tells her international music travel experiences. many international magazines published her articles. besides her many concerts and performances all over the world and besides her activities as organiser, Moniek Darge is assistant professor at the hogeschool gent where she teaches 20th century art history, audio art and non western art studies at the fine arts department and an introductionary course in ethnomusicology at the music department. (Kye)

‘Magneisa’ (2006). ‘Aneamos’ (2007). ‘East Crete’ (2008-20096). Trois pièces de musique concrète réalisées à partir de matériaux recueillis en Crète, composées avec le sens remarquable d’une pensée musicale ; un discours musical qui donne l’illusion d’avoir préservé le déroulement des enregistrement de terrain. Tripant. Compositrice et violoniste belge, responsable d’installations sonores, membre du Logos Duo en compagnie de Godfried-Willem Raes et tout deux fondateurs de la Logos Foundation, Moniek Darge nous semble planer haut très haut. (Metamkine)

FR Je crois avoir déjà vu cet album quelque part sur la blogosphère, mais pas moyen de me rappeler où… Je vous le poste quand même, ce serait bête de l’avoir uploadé pour rien.
ENG I think I’ve already seen this album on the blogosphere, can’t remember where… Here’s my own (unnecessary?) rip anyway.

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5 commentaires pour Moniek Darge – Crete Soundies (Kye, 2010)

    • red lipstick dit :

      Hi docteurorlof,
      You wouldn’t happen to have the Moniek Darge – Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001) KYE 05.(2009). I appreciate this one too!
      Thank you. You have a very eclectic blog; I love it. Thanks for sharing.

      • docteurorlof dit :

        Hi there. Sorry, i don’t have that Moniek Darge CD, and on this blog I exclusively post rips from albums that I actually own. So the answer is no, you won’t see these Soundies here… But there’s still hope: this album is not too hard to find using Soulseek, and it will inevitably appear on the blogosphere one of these days.

        Eclectism? Music is all about passion, patience and curiosity, eclectism is just a side effect. But I’m afraid people are not that eclectic after all: more than twenty visitors have dowloaded Rob Muellender’s Metro Magnetics, only two or three have tried the lovely Few Notes Overboard. Eclectism doesn’t alwyas pay off, I assume… Or maybe it’s not a lack of curiosity, just a lack of time. Anyway, I’ll keep on being eclectic, and who knows, one day I may even post drone music here!
        And once again, thanks a lot for your comment.

  1. red lipstick dit :

    Hi Docteur Orlof, I was happy to think that you still might be here. Are you? red lipstick

    • docteurorlof dit :

      If the question was am I still alive, yes I am. But the blog… Well, that’s another story.
      Lots of things I’d like to share are now on Bandcamp, so why upload the latest Cathedral Transmissions or Laure Briard’s Révélation here ? Basically, it became too difficult to find SOMETHING to post, and now this place is just a graveyard full of dead links. But it’s a lovely graveyard, it was fun, and I enjoyed (almost) every album offered here.

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