Paul Quinn – The Phantoms & the Archetypes (Postcard, 1992)

Paul Quinn & The Independent Group
The Phantoms & the Archetypes

CD Postcard Records DUBH 921CD (UK, 1992)

01. The Phantoms & the Archetypes
02. Born on the Wrong Side of Town
03. What Can You Do to Me Now
04. Should’ve Known by Now
05. Punk Rock Hotel
06. Superstar
07. Call my Name
08. The Damage Is Done
09. Darling I Can’t Fight
10. Hangin’ on

Quinn was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1951. After singing with Postcard Records band Jazzateers (contemporaries of Josef K, The French Impressionists and Aztec Camera) he formed Bourgie Bourgie in 1983 along with former members of his previous band. Bourgie Bourgie released two singles in 1984, both of which charted in the UK, « Breaking Point » peaking at number 48 and « Careless » at number 96. Quinn then collaborated with Edwyn Collins on a version of The Velvet Underground’s « Pale Blue Eyes », released on Postcard Records boss Alan Horne’s new Swamplands label, which reached number 72 in the UK in August 1984. In early 1985, Quinn released his first solo single, « Ain’t That Always the Way », which again featured Collins but was credited solely to Quinn for contractual reasons, which was also a minor hit, reaching number 98 in the UK. He then collaborated with Vince Clarke on the « One Day » single, which fared similarly.
Quinn returned in 1992 with a new band, The Independent Group, a supergroup containing former members of Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, and The Bluebells. Signed to a revived Postcard Records, they released two albums in 1992 and 1994. In 1995, Quinn collaborated with Nectarine No. 9 on the Pregnant with Possibilities EP.

FR Disque de chevet ou d’île déserte, de toute beauté.
ENG Late night or desert island music, an old all times favourite. Simply beautiful.

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