Rob Funkhouser – Singularity (Orphanology, 2010)

Rob Funkhouser

CDr Orphanology ORPHAN00F / BlueSanct (USA, 2010)

01. Singularity i
02. Singularity ii
03. Singularity iii
04. Singularity iv

This music is the manifesto of my beginnings and endings, a point of singularity within myself, a finite infinity, wherein a momentary eternity exists between the collapse of one universe and the birth of another. Singularity was written and recorded from November 2007 to February 2010. (liner notes)

An infinite ocean of gaseous drone with sparse percussion clutter, like a slowly disintegrating ship beneath the waves. (Boa Melody Bar)

Rob Funkhouser was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Indianapolis shortly thereafter. For his ten years there, he never once thought about music nor did he listen to much except the radio in whatever car in which he happened to be riding. He moved to Richmond, Indiana about seven years ago and started listening to music seriously about two years later. Around the same time he started listening, he began to play the drums and compose for fun. After awhile, he started listening to more obscure music and eventually found the CDR culture waiting to be explored. He’s played in numerous concert bands and music ensembles, including a Javanese Gamelan ensemble and African music ensemble. He released a CDR on Phantomlimb in May and is working on a contribution to the upcoming « Our Chaos » series. He is also currently running a review site, Hawaiian Winter Music Reviews. He will be entering the IU school of music this fall where he’ll continue studies in composition and recording. (Foxy Digitalis)

FR Pas grand chose à ajouter à la description de l’indispensable Boa Melody Bar. Evitez ceci dit de l’écouter en conduisant ou si vous avez l’habitude de somnoler dans les transports en commun. Les percussions (javanaises?) du troisème mouvement me font par ailleurs penser à certaines productions du label ini.itu (si ça vous parle…).
(Rob Funkhouser a également sorti un album sur Ruralfaune, que je ne possède pas.)
ENG The excellent Boa Melody Bar review gives a perfect description, so I’ve nothing else to say. Except maybe this: please do not listen while driving. And the (javanese?) percussions on the third part gently remind me of some ini.itu LPs.
(Rob Funkhouser also released an album on the Ruralfaune Synth Series, which unfortunately I don’t have.)

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