Pummeler – Troll Wing (Small Doses, 2009)

Troll Wing

CDr3′ Small Doses DOSEFIFTYONE (USA, 03-2009)

01. Troll Wing

Recorded october 2008

Following up on excellent releases here on Small Doses and Basses Frequences, Denmark’s Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley is back with another amazing 14+ minute drone piece. Slow moving, minimal and brilliant. (Small Doses)

Ah, Small Doses again. I can remember when Joe first mentioned on some forum that he wanted to start his own label. Nobody could have known how prolific and, at the same time, how rigorous the label’s vision would be. Sure, most of these Small Doses aren’t for everyone. But at least those I’ve heard are utterly uncompromising and, in a positive sense, difficult. All of which is true for “Troll Wing”, Pummeler’s second Small Dose after last year’s “Ydre”. “Troll Wing” is one track, slightly more than 14 minutes of continuous minimal drone. That kind that will sooner or later have you wonder whether your telephone hasn’t been ringing for minutes. Which it hasn’t, but your sense of hearing is getting so disoriented (or acutely aware of the astute electronic manipulations underneath the drone buzz) that you feel you cannot trust your ears anymore. The attention is no longer on the ‘what?’ but on the ‘how?’ – a textbook minimalist move, which, however, fails to fascinate me over the 14-minute distance. That’s why “Troll Wing” is not my cup of tea entirely but it definitely makes an impression as a forceful statement of drone minimalism and, I guess, shouldn’t be missed by drone enthusiasts. Limited to 71 and a beautiful object indeed. (Jan-Arne Sohns, Foxy Digitalis)

From the cleanest nation in the entire world comes this excellent and crushing Drone/Noise artist called Pummeler. From the prolific Small Doses label, this is a 3″ CD that consists entirely of the title track « Troll Wing ». Fairly relentless in methodology, « Troll Wing » is an intensely pleasurable experience of ecstatic drone that sounds electronic in nature. It is difficult to discern if there is a guitar being used or if this is all electronics, but fans of modern popular drone will absolutely not be disappointed by this monumental artist. This contains no hint of Doom other than the singularly oppressive power of the sonics, the sound of this release is more along the lines of a cosmic waterfall, constantly replenishing. This shares a sense of kinship with the drone style of Earth and La Monte Young, but with the intense and monomaniacal vision of the new Doom generation (Sunn, Moss et al). (Vargr Wulf, Heathen Harvest)

Un drone copieux. Et quand je dis copieux, c’est vraiment copieux: dense, épais, puissant. Si la pièce affiche seulement 14 minutes au compteur, on perd ses repères et on ne sait plus trop combien de temps ça a duré ni où ça nous a emmené. A écouter très fort, dois-je encore le préciser?

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Un commentaire pour Pummeler – Troll Wing (Small Doses, 2009)

  1. docteurorlof dit :


    More from Small Doses:
    Krzysztof Jajouka
    Lunar Miasma Blackest Haze
    Locrian Visible/Invisible
    (as usual, follow the tags for details…)

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