Virginia Astley – Had I the Heavens (Happy Valley, 1996)

Virginia Astley
Had I the Heavens

CD Happy Valley COCY-80070 / Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. (Japan, 03-1996)
CD Rosebud Music RBXCD1003 (USA, 1997)

01. It’s Over Now
02. Over the Edge of the World
03. Nothing Is as It Seems
04. Broken
05. Where I Belong (a Thousand Nights)
06. I Can’t Say Goodbye
07. Had I the Heavens
08. Another Road
09. How Can I Do This to You
10. I Know a Tune We Could Sing
11. A Long Long Year

This album was originally titled The Woodlanders after the novel by Thomas Hardy. Virginia had worked on a possible musical based on the book and some of the songs on this album were an offshoot of that original idea.
The title of the album, and the words to the song Had I The Heavens, is taken from the poem He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven by WB Yeats. Over The Edge Of The World was co-written with Kate St John (originally one-third of The Ravishing Beauties). A Long Long Year was one of the few songs that had originally been inspired by The Woodlanders musical project. I Know A Tune We Could Sing features vocals by Virginia’s daughter Florence. This album features musicians Roy Dodds, Simon Edwards and Graham Henderson who were also part of the band Fairground Attraction.
Virginia has not ruled put the idea of a musical: « The Woodlanders I still would like to record as an album intially and then who knows what may follow.. »

(from Virginia Astley’s website)

FR La vie est tellement compliquée, avec toutes ces grandes questions sans réponses: sommes-nous réellement libres? Dieu existe-t-il? pourquoi ont-ils arrêté Firefly? pourquoi les albums de Virginia Astley sont-ils si durs à se procurer? Ces deux dernières questions sont les plus difficiles, puisqu’on ne peut pas y répondre par un simple oui ou non. Si le classique From Gardens Where We Feel Secure est régulièrement réédité, le reste de la discographie de la dame est introuvable (ou alors ça coûte un bras), ce qui est incompréhensible, pour ne pas dire criminel.
ENG Life is full of questions: are we really free? does God exist? why did they cancel Firefly? why are Virginia Astley’s albums so impossible to find? These last two questions are the toughest, because you can’t simply answer with a yes or a no. From Gardens Where We Feel Secure is re-released every once in a while, the rest of her discography just doesn’t exist, and this absence of reissues is incomprehensible, almost criminal.

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2 commentaires pour Virginia Astley – Had I the Heavens (Happy Valley, 1996)

  1. Virginia Astley’s best album, Promise Nothing, was posted on The Same Mistakes earlier this year. Rare stuff coming up soon.

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