M.Holterbach – Aare Am Marzilibad (Erewhon, 2006)

Aare Am Marzilibad

CD3′ Erewhon CDWhON012 (Belgium, 04-2006)

01. Aare Am Marzilibad

Field recordings made in Berne, Switzerland, during the 2003 heat.
No editing or process of any kind except a slight equalization.

Prise de son effectuée à Berne, en Suisse durant la canicule de 2003. Micro enfermé dans une bouteille en verre hermétique close, placée dans le courant de l’Aare, difficilemernt maintenue contre un rocher. Ce que l’on entend sur cet enregistrement est le son de milliers de galets qui s’entrechoquent, dans le puissant courant de la rivière. Cette prise de son n’a subi ni montage, ni transformation électronique, tout au plus une légère équalisation. (Liner notes)

Manu Holterbach is a young French sound artist who proposes his many-faceted talents since already more than 10 years. He invents new instruments, spatialization devices and mutant loudspeakers that were showed around the world in diverse installations and performances, in solo or in collaboration with a.o. Sophie Durand, Pierre Berthet, Jean-François Laporte, David Maranha. You can listen to his beautifull « verres enharmoniques » instruments on his highly acclaimed CD recently released on the now defunct label cloudmirror, and to « parenthèses flottantes » a piece freely available online on Happy New Ears. He is actually working on a biography of the French composer Eliane Radigue. Manu also composes pieces realized with natural and industrial environmental sound recordings, like the one we proudly propose on Erewhon, Aare am Marzilibad.
This piece realized in 2003 is a ready-made recording of a Swiss choppy river, the Aare, done with a microphone hermetically locked into a bottle. What you can hear is the sound of thousands of pebbles that knock together in the powerful stream. It illustrates perfectly Manu’s focus on microscopic events and fragility.

M Holterbach is a young French musician whose new release is one of the wettest sonic experience in a while. Built from sounds recorded inside a bottle floating on Switzerland’s Aare River, the results are not like anything else I can name. There is a feeling of compressed space, seeping water, the roil of motion and a kind of weightlessness that is pretty incredible, especially heard in a dark room at decent volume.
(Byron Coley, The Wire)

In the tradition of such AQ classic recordings as Peter Cusack’s Baikal Ice, recordings of melting glaciers, Alan Lamb’s recordings of singing telephone wires, Colin Olan’s recording of melting ice, Jonty Semper’s recordings of BBC radio silence, Bob Sturm’s Music From The Ocean and especially Tsunoda’s amazing field recordings of everyday vibrations, comes this latest release from French sound artist Manu Holterbach, who by using a microphone hermetically sealed inside a bottle and allowing it to float in a choppy river, captured an amazing array of alien sounds, the strange hiss of the rushing water, muted and warped through the glass, the percussive plinks of pebbles striking the bottle, dense clouds of hissing whir created from the constantly shifting pebbles on the bottom of the river, the distant sounds of voices, all warbled as they are filtered through both the water and the glass. An amazing experience, an exploration of a rushing river, heard from within, a hissing, soft focus drone being the constant, quite mesmerizing and strangely melodic. Listening at high volumes in headphones reveals still more strange sonic mysteries, giving one the sense, with eyes closed, of actually floating down the river, encased in glass, a fantastical sonic journey for sure. (Aquarius)

If you open a bottle of some drink with bubbles, you might be fascinated at the sounds of the bubbles escaping. The first half of this piece sounds a bit similar, but if you listen carefully you can also hear voices from aside of the river. But they are far away, and as the piece progresses, they become louder. Perhaps the bottle washed ashore? It’s a pretty single-minded concept that however works out very well. It’s a beauty to listen to. Somewhere between highly filtered rain sounds and opening the next beer can. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Doux flux où l’imaginaire dérive telle la rumeur précédant le rêve. Contemplation et délicatesse. (Metamkine)

Une idée toute simple (encore faut-il y arriver, ceci dit). Si je vous avais proposé ce petit rafraichissement en pleine canicule estivale j’aurais pu faire le malin, mais pourquoi attendre, et l’enregistrement vaut autrement mieux que ça.

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