Havana Flute Summit – Havana Flute Summit (Naxos, 1997)

Havana Flute Summit
Havana Flute Summit

CD Naxos Jazz 86005-2 (Germany, 03-1997)

01. Maraca’s Tumbao
02. Sunshower (for Don Pullen)
03. Céline’s Cha Cha
04. Oscar’s Descarga
05. Amanezco
06. Expectation
07. Tumbao Flautero
08. Kamakaze Kat
09. Latin Jane

Flutes : Jane Bunnett, Orlando ‘Maraca’ Vallé, Céline Vallé, Richard Egues
Bass : Oscar Rodriguez
Piano : Hilario Duran
Percussion : Roberto Vizcaino, Adel Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Rojas ‘El Peje’

Recorded & mixed on 3rd/4th April 1996 at Egrem Studio, Havana, Cuba

The HAVANA FLUTE SUMMIT was a truly unique and joyous session from beginning to end. The original idea was a simple one: the pairing of two original and very distinctive flautists, Jane Bunnett and Orlando Vallé. Jane Bunnett’s musical language comes from the jazz tradition by way of Eric Dolphy, Roland Kirk and Frank Wess, with quite a few stops in Havana along the way. Orlando Vallé, or « Maraca », the name by which he is generally known, is now the reigning king of the Cuban flute. His influences encompass the entire history of Cuban flute music, as well as many elements of modern jazz.
Jane and « Maraca » played together as early as the mid-1980s. During this period, « Maraca » was a member of the Bobby Carcasses Group, while Jane was beginning work on her « SPIRITS OF HAVANA » recording. More recently, they performed together at the 1996 Havana Jazz Festival.
For the FLUTE SUMMIT project, we wanted to add two special guests: Richard Egues and Celine Vallé. Richard Egues is arguably the most important flute player in the history of Cuban music. Now well into his 70s, he still plays with the elegance and fire that originally brought him into prominence. He was the flute star of Orquesta Aragon in its hey-day during the 1940s. This ensemble was one of the most influential groups in Cuba. Presently, he is still very active as a concert performer and recording artist.
The brilliant young French flautist, Celine Vallé, graduated from the Conservatoire National Superieur in Paris. She was looking forward to a bright future in the classical field until she met « Maraca », whereupon her musical direction took a radically different turn. After studying with him, she joined his group, « Otra Vision », and now lives between France and Cuba. She has a sparkling, original sound, the result of an inspired blending of her own innovative ideas with the traditional Cuban flute vocabulary.
Hilario Duran is one of the modern masters of Cuban piano. Chucho Valdes has called him « One of the greatest Cuban pianists of the 20th century. » He worked in the 1980s as Arturo Sandoval’s musical director and more recently recorded with Jane Bunnett on the « SPIRITS OF HAVANA » and « RENDEZVOUS BRAZIL/CUBA » CDs. Also a gifted composer and arranger, he contributed the beautiful composition, »Amanezco » to the session. Check out his first solo CD, « FRANCISCO’S SONG » on the Justin Time label.
The remaining members of the rhythm section are members of « Maraca’s » working band « Otra Vision ». The three percussionists, 18 year old Adel Gonzalez, Roberto Vizcaino and « El Peje », were changing instruments from track to track. Of particular note is Vizcaino’s timbale work.
Bassist Oscar Rodriguez, who brought his composition, « Oscar’s Descarga » to the session, is another member of the new, eclectic wave of young musicians coming from out of Cuba, with a firm foot in the Cuban tradition, while also having a comprehensive knowledge of modern jazz.
« Maraca » wrote and arranged three elaborate charts for the session: « Maraca’s Tumbao », the disc’s opener, features everyone, starting with « Maraca » (first solo) and an incredible four flute solo in the middle. « Celine’s Cha Cha » was written for his wife and features Richard on the first solo. The disc concludes with his composition, « Latin Jane », (which is a play on the term, « Latin jazz ») featuring an initial solo by Jane Bunnett.
Two of Jane’s compositions, « Kamikaze Kat » and « Sunshower », appear on this recording. « Sunshower » was written for the great pianist, Don Pullen, whom Jane had performed and recorded with from 1990 to 1995.
« Expectation » was written by yours truly, specifically for the recording date and is a line loosely based on the changes to « Autumn Leaves ».
« Tumbao Flautera » is a wonderful traditional « mambo », put together at the session by Richard Egues.
I think you will discover that the music throughout the nine compositions on this recording takes many interesting and unexpected turns. In my opinion, the HAVANA FLUTE SUMMIT is not only a landmark flute recording but also a landmark for Latin Jazz.
(liner notes by Larry Cramer, June 1996)

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