Fax – EP One (Rocket Racer, 2002)

EP One

CD3′ Rocket Racer RR019 (USA, 2002)

01. User I
02. User II
03. User III

(C) 2002 Ruben Tamayo. Mexicali, Mexico

First up in the mini album series is a breathtaking teaser of what Mexican designer/musician Ruben Tamayo has been working on since his debut album on Static Discos (Mex) earlier this year.
After just one album along with a 12” and comp appearance on the Traum label, FAX has been gaining well deserved respect and praise for his beautiful sound-textures and rich melodies mixed with submerged beats that tickle spots in the depths of your chest.
This cd features a beautifully designed full color jacket by Ruben himself and 3 choice cuts (clocking in at 21 minutes) that leave the listener so deep in the groove that they’ll find their head nodding well after the albums closure. Comparisons to artists like Monolake, Rhythm & Sound, Pole, Vladislav Delay and fellow labelmate, friend and Mexican native Murcof (who also aided in producing this disc) would certainly be close but Rocket Racer invites you to experience FAX’s graceful melding of ambient, deep-dub and minimal-techno hybrids for yourself, you wont be disappointed.
(Rocket Racer)

Absolute class. This is a CD by Fax and it’s more minimal dubby electronica in a Pole vein. 3″‘s of lovelyness…. just proves size isn’t everything and it makes me feel hugely better about my inadequate sized manhood. If I haven’t embarrassed myself enough I’ll say it’s called User and leave it there. (Norman Records)

FR Sur le toujours excellent label de San Diego Rocket Racer, un maxi qui séduira sans peine les amateurs de Pole ou de Murcof. Ceci est le EP un, où est donc le numéro deux?
ENG On the always excellent Rocket Racer label from San Diego, a fine EP for fans of Pole and Murcof. This is EP one, so where is number two?


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