Enfer Boreal – Break the Illusion (Blackest Rainbow, 2010)

Enfer Boreal
Break the Illusion

CDr Blackest Rainbow BRR172 (UK, 2010)

01. Fingers Cut
02. Break the Illusion
03. Dusty Map

New disc from Maxime Primault who has been making music under the Enfer Boreal name for a few years now and has a nice little discography with releases on labels such as Digitalis, Tape Drift, 267 Lattajjaa and Stunned Records. This three track disc is bookended by two shorter pieces, with the epic middle track hitting in at 25 minutes. Opener ‘Fingers Cut’ blurs wildly psychedelic electric fusions with hazy feedback bliss outs. The epic title track follows which sounds like being underwater with neon lamps drowning beneath you with fantastic high riff-ery blazing throughout. ‘Dusty Map’ closes the disc with a whirring somewhat darker drone zone with almost industrial sound sparking away in the background, this dark industrial sound surpasses with a lulling guitar meditation and completes the album perfectly. (Blackest Rainbow)

“Break the Illusion” is Enfer Boréal’s best release yet. I’ve heard plenty from his discography to know too. This one is amazing! The first track, “Fingers Cut” scans the toppling waves, feels the chill of the damp gusts, and takes a plunge into the aquatic abyss. Nice solemn nautical-feeling drone with seeming underwater wah guitar effects that bubble to the surface and gasp for air. The title-track has a fluctuating didgeridoo-inspired wave with some great guitar notes. Definitely has a serious glowing aura about it. It then shifts to some cool solo rifts that twinkle like stars that come out to play at night. “Dusty Map” the third and final track seems to be the most mysterious of the bunch. This one is shrouded with airy dark ambiance, like you just entered some pagan temple at twilight. Evolving, shedding some of its ominous veil, the piece finishes out on a calmer note. Like, whatever seemed troubling at first revealed its true colors and its innermost benevolence. Anyway, this little album from EB is definitely a release you should hear. (Dave Miller, Foxy Digitalis)

FR Avec tout ce revival synth-kosmische-kraut-chose, le drone semble complètement passé de mode (la mode est cruelle). Pas vraiment du drone ici non plus, Enfer Boréal évolue en douceur, et mue tranquillement en High Wolf. Le second morceau est tout simplement superbe.
ENG With all this synth-kosmische-kraut revival, nobody cares about drone anymore, sadly… Not exactly drone here either, what we have is Enfer Boréal softly evolving, quietly turning into High Wolf. The second track is simply superb.


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