Gor & Jack or Jive – Soleil (Prikosnovenie, 2002)

Gor & Jack or Jive

CD Prikosnovénie PRIK065 (France, 2002)

01. Hammiqdash
02. Shofar
03. Hieros Gamos
04. Masiqta
05. Zeloun
06. Heimarméne
07. Gulgatha
08. Blue Curtain

Rencontre musicale entre Percussions médievales et ambiant bouddhique. La rencontre du mysticisme napolitain de Francesco Banchini et du bouddhisme japonais engendre des sons et des images inconnues. Laissez vous guider par la chanteuse Chako soutenue par les percussions profondes de Francesco dans un periple au pays du soleil levant… (Prikosnovenie)

«Soleil» is the meeting of the Napolitan mysticism of Francesco Banchini (guitarist, clarinettist and singer) and Jack or Jive (Chako and Makoto Hattori) Japanese Orientalism. A real challenge to bind these two musicians with such different styles. The waving ethereal voice of Chako using a traditional Japanese technic, transported by GOR’ s percussion and spelling medieval instruments. The result of GOR’s mediterranean warmth with Buddhism’s sensibility create sounds and images never experimented before. (Prikosnovenie)

Japanese duo Jack Or Jive expertly mixes the shadowy enchantment of female vocal with paganish landscape. On the other hand, the Neapolitan musician GOR writes ethnic fusion scores of such combinations of Mediterranean and Western-Asia. Colliding with each other, « Soleil » offers the absolutely thrilling experience to all Jack Or Jive and GOR’s fans.
However, the essential of « Soliel », in my opinon, is mainly Jack Or Jive’s style, including the unique harmonies of the melodies and the qualities of the arrangements and mixes. In other words, the album is the soundtrack filled with orientalism. Instead of fragile, disorientating voice in other JOJ previous albums, Chako sung, as the Tibetan and the Moglian, with mellifluous prayers for peace and nature, just like the song « Sea of clouds ». The crystal-like tones of Chako strike a balance between light and darkness.

Quite interesting result and collaboration which sees Gor and Jack Or Jive working together to create eight tracks balanced between Oriental and Western mysticism. SOLEIL is the first release of a label project which aim is to mix different cultures and musical tradition. Francesco Banchini brings his Parthenopean touch made of ancient litanies and percussive sounds (see tracks like « Shofar » or « Zeloun » where his distinctive sound is in evidence) while the Japanese duo delineate the synthetic layers and sing different songs. In my opinion the most interesting songs are the ones where Francesco takes care of the atmosphere, playing percussions and other instruments (as on « Hammiqdash », « Gulgatha » or « Blue Curtain ») because his style is too peculiar to be affected by other kinds of music and this gives the effect of a Gor record with guests. Instead, the interesting thing about this project is the capacity of creating a new sound out of two different bands. If you don’t know how it could sounds like, I can tell you that the forty four minutes of this CD are full of intimate sounds and passion but if you are searching for rhythm and energy give it a listen first. Instead if you like the atmospheres of the David Sylvian’s instrumental tracks, give to this release a try.
(Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain D.L.K.)

FR Encore un disque de chevet, une très belle collaboration. Si vous ne téléchargez pas massivement cet album, je risque de me vexer (chantage superflu, je suis sûr que ça va vous plaire).
ENG Here’s another old favourite, a beautiful collaboration. If you don’t download this album massively, I may shut down this blog (unnecessary blackmail, you’ll love it). And yes, ‘Soleil’ means ‘Sun’. And yes, these are two divergent reviews (but both positive).


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3 commentaires pour Gor & Jack or Jive – Soleil (Prikosnovenie, 2002)

  1. docteurorlof dit :


    More from Prikosnovénie:
    Jack or Jive Tidal Current
    Phagz Polymorphe
    Bionik Common
    (as usual, follow the tags for details..)

  2. Dave M dit :

    I hear and obey.

    • docteurorlof dit :

      And I hope you’ll listen and enjoy too…

      Prikosnovénie has a strong identity, sometimes a bit too heavenly-gothic-medieval for me (well.. most of the time in fact), but still I love this album.
      Maybe I’ll post some Atlas Project later (a Von Magnet/Norscq related project). And of course there’s also the well-known Mécanologie Portative by Klimperei & Pierre Bastien (shouldn’t be too hard to find online, this one doesn’t need to be posted here).

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