Gemini – In Neutral (Distance, 1997)

In Neutral

CD Distance SUB 4844.2 (France, 1997)

01. Memory
02. On this Planet
03. In Neutral
04. Log in
05. Shadowland
06. De Bass
07. Lifted Life
08. Ahi
09. The Wave
10. Campanula
11. Motion
12. ?

One of the most forward-looking producers in the continuing Chicago renaissance of the 1990s, Gemini recorded for nu-house labels like Cajual and Relief in 1993 but later issued singles and LPs for such wide-ranging imprints as Disko B, Peacefrog, Distance, Makeout Music, NRK and later, his own co-founded Guidance Records. He began recording early in the decade, and gained fame for the minimalist flavor of Cajual twelves like « Tangled Thoughts » and « Duality. » Gemini debuted his album work in late 1997 with two almost concurrent LPs, In and Out of the Fog and Lights and Imagine-A-Nation. His third full-length In Neutral was released before the end of the year, showing him to be anything but that.
The odd man out of Gemini’s first three LPs, In Neutral is more roughly an experimental album, with acid tweaks and wiggly basslines providing a few focus points for the far-out tracks.
(John Bush, All Music Guide)

FR Et encore un classique. Si vous trouvez que la techno est répétitive et sans âme, vous pouvez passer votre chemin (on en tient ici pour 77 minutes), n’empêche que dans le genre cet album est somptueux. Ce blog ne s’était jamais autant approché de la piste de danse…
ENG And here’s another sumptuous classic. If you think techno is repetitive and has no soul, don’t waste your time because this little baby is a 77 minutes long album. This blog’s never been so close to the dancefloor before…

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