Marsen Jules – Lazy Sunday Funerals (Autoplate, 2003)

Marsen Jules
Lazy Sunday Funerals

MP3 Autoplate APL017 (Germany, 10-2003)
Homogenous Orchestral Works

01. Lazy Sunday Funerals 01
02. Lazy Sunday Funerals 02
03. Lazy Sunday Funerals 03
04. Lazy Sunday Funerals 04
05. Lazy Sunday Funerals 05
06. Lazy Sunday Funerals 06
07. Lazy Sunday Funerals 07

The MP3 downloads of this release have been removed from the label page due to « internal restructuring of the label. » (from Marsen Jules’ website, 2006-09-17)
The 2009 rerelease version of Marsen Jules’ debut album « lazy sunday funerals » is available as digital download via the label Oktaf. The album is completely reworked, profesionally mastered and comes with a special bonus track.

Marsen Jules is the probably most impressive project of the Dortmundian Martin Juhls, who might be a familiar artist with releases as krill.minima (Thinner/Genesungswerk) and Falter (Thinner). Being Marsen Jules he concerns himself with compression of atmosphere and emotion in the most abstract sense, based on carefully selected sound fragments and quotations. These quotations are thereby brought by classical orchestras, the recording of a cello/violin trio, a harp concert or also (and ever more frequently) own played and recorded acoustic instruments. One could call that common sampling, but Marsen Jules processes another step further. Neither the sampled sound nor the Instrument itself is centered in his songs, actually it’s the particular moment, where the authenticity and playful emotion is refelected at the most; the moments that in the ordinary way remain hidden to the usual listener. Moments that are catched and extracted by Marsen Jules, to increase their density, to extend into length and arrange them in continuous loops within a temporal environment. The results are almost static sonorous pictures full of emotion and expression, whose filigrane movements reflect equally riot and composure to the fullest. (Autoplate)

On “Lazy Sunday Funerals” Marsen Jules leads the listener through an atmospheric and melancholic sound creation made from compacted orchestra fragments. Under a mellow haze of white noise the romantic string glissandi and filter dimmed chords melt into virtually static sound impressions, the continuous movement of which is only tapped upon closer listening. A timeless ambient album, which leads the moving intensity of classical compositions skilfully across into a modern, atmospheric sound creation. (Oktaf)

FR Sur ce blog j’ai une règle simple: je ne poste que mes propres rips issus de ma propre collection, et il n’y aura aucune exception. Voici donc une exception avec le premier album de Marsen Jules pour le netlabel Autoplate, qui contrairement à Yara (son successeur) n’a pas bénéficié d’une réédition en CD. Une édition digitale remasterisée (avec FLAC, bonus track et tout) peut se trouver via Bandcamp, je vous propose sa version originale d’époque (avec artwork complet mais à 192 kbps – oui c’était la norme en 2003).
ENG On this blog there’s one golden rule: I only post my own rips from my own collection, and there will be no exceptions. So here’s one exception with Marsen Jules’ first album for the Autoplate netlabel. Unlike Yara (his second LP), Lazy Sunday Funerals has not been reissued on CD. There’s an remastered digital edition available in FLAC via Bandcamp, here we have the original version with full original artwork, but without bonus track and at 192 kbps only (yes, 192 was the norm back in 2003).

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