Half Makeshift – Final (Small Doses, 2007)

Half Makeshift

CDr Small Doses DOSESIX (USA, 09-2007)

01. The First and Second Passing
02. Origin
03. Les Livres, Ils Pleurent
04. Final

Nathan Michael began recording music in 2004 at the age of 18 using several different names for his creations before finally settling on Half Makeshift. The name Half Makeshift is taken from the song Makeshift Swahili by This Heat and 1/2 the Sky by Henry Cow.
Nathan creates his music in a sort of collage fashion, often times recording a small piece of music, perhaps only a minute long, saving it and coming back to it months later with more pieces and then linking them all together. Half Makeshift is often classified as Post-Rock, Drone, Sludge and Ambient all rolled into one.
Half Makeshift is a studio project as will never play a live show.

This new disc from Half Makeshift/Nathan Michael will serve as a bridge of sorts between his new release of 20BuckSpin and the new material he is working on for an upcoming release. Final’s deconstructed guitar and dark piano melodies provide the soundtrack to the quiet after the storm. (Small Doses)

Somewhere between Mogwai and Sunn O))), ‘Final’ rests; perhaps this is not a particularly remarkable revelation, but few other recordings have so well conjured this seemingly simple space between theatric post-rock and something darker as this four song disc by Half-Makeshift. The solo project of Nathan Michael, the album misleadingly accounts for a trio, or at least a rather dexterous duo. While the muted melancholy of synthesizer composition “Origin” and layered guitar composition “Final” surely allow for only one creator, ala Eno, Eluvium, fEnnesz, Etc., the soundtrackable play of piano and feedback guitar on “Les Livres, ils pleurent” suggest a traditional conception, a creation reliant on the subtly of assembly in collaboration – a sentiment diffuse from this center into the aforementioned tracks. Surely the biggest dupe is opening track “The first and second passing”, a great big slice of Rock Action with full kit, crunchy guitars/clean guitar, and a heavy load of droning static filling up what space remains in the field of sound. Thoughtfully assembled and executed, with impeccable production. (Animal Psi)

We mention elsewhere on this list, about the strange viral spread of underground bands via cd-r labels. One super hyped release is all it takes, suddenly more releases begin popping up on all the other usual cd-r labels. Thankfully this usually happens to bands who deserve it, and who we can’t get enough of, so more releases in that instance is definitely good news.
Such is the case with Half Makeshift, who actually started out with some proper full length cd releases, before they began dabbling in limited cd-r releases. We’ve listed two of their discs so far, both fantastic, dark and heavy, dense and thick, ominous and intense. Much heavier and more aggressive than your typical cd-r floorcore fare.
And ‘they’ is actually a ‘he’, he being Nathan Michael, who takes sounds low and slow, and assembles them into strangely propulsive downtuned dirges, hovering sonically somewhere between the glacial sludge of SUNNO))) and the muted minimal shimmer of folks like Aidan Baker or Jonathan Coleclough.
On Final, Michael explores a bit of both. The opener is a fierce plodding lurch, slowed way down to an almost crawl, the beats are big and effected, but they are buried in the mix, and pitched down, above the beats, guitars grind woozily and swirl weightlessly, it almost sounds like a Nadja 45 spinning at 33, or Jesu slowed way dooooooooown. A blissed out post industrial shoegazey doom, more pretty than heavy, but still shot through with bits of sharp riffage and thick crunch, but by the end, the track has transformed into a muted minor key drift, soft and serene. The second track takes the end of the first and stretches it out into a whole track of whispered whir and warm chordal swells.
The third track of four begins with piano, processed and spun backwards, a dreamily dizzy bit of swell and swoop, that continues throughout the whole track, at one point passing through thick black clouds of low end rumble, before emerging on the other side spare and sparse and hovering in an austere wide open space.
The final track, the title track, appropriately called « Final », is another piano driven jam, more moody and murky, a funereal dirge, a somber musical death march, the sounds changing timbre and tone subtly, the various notes wrapped in effects and slipped back into the melodies, gorgeously forlorn and sweetly sinister.
(Aquarius Records)

FR Si je voulais fermer ce blog, ce qui n’est pas le cas (qui a dit ‘dommage’?), ce serait amusant d’avoir un album intitulé Final en guise de dernier message. Maintenant, le moment venu, faudra trouver autre chose.
ENG No, this is not the final post of this blog (did I hear ‘too bad’?), not yet, only the Final album of Half Makeshift.


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    A lot more from Small Doses (all out of print) previously posted here,
    follow the tags as usual.

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