Rada i Ternovnik – The Book of the Cruelty of Women (UR-Realist, 2001)

Rada i Ternovnik
The Book of the Cruelty of Women

CD UR-Realist UR CD 016 (Russia, 08-2001)

01. The City of Heaven
02. When the Warmth Comes
03. Toy Dreams
04. Walking on Bones
05. Darkness
06. And the Spear Pierces the Earth
07. Sticky Fingers
08. John Song
09….And Time That Was Burned Aloud…
10. What Is Behind the Gates?
11. Waltz

Rada i Ternovnik (in English: Rada & The Blackthorn) are a Russian darkwave/psychedelic band based in Moscow. (Discogs)

The group was formed in 1991, and since then it keeps the reputation of one of the most interesting phenomenons of Russian rock stage. In Russian press, Rada was commonly compared with Diamanda Galas, because of her truly unique vocal of 3.5 octaves. Listeners very often experience specific shamanic influence of her voice, reporting weird bodily feelings, sudden disappearance of gravitation, and many other unusual things. At the same time Rada uses perfect opera technique, having spent seven years on studies and polishing the technique with opera pedagogue. One must add that she often uses overtones of Russian folk singing, the folk melodic of northern part of Russia, unusual musical formation in many songs also comes from specific Russian folklore and close to Indian musical traditions. In lyrics by Rada appearing images and metaphors of Russian songs and specific Russian sorcery. Rada follows Tibetan Buddhism, though her poetry bears also heavy Russian Pagan influences. It should be mentioned, that Rada possesses nowadays rare specific aristocratic pronunciation, perfect and natural. Her Russian sounds exactly as it used to sound a century or more ago – from Pushkin, Tolstoy and Vertinsky. Maybe that is the reason why her songs are so loved among the descendants of Russian emigres, who live in contemporary France. They also keep loyalty to this specific sound of Russian language of XVIII-XIX centuries, unfortunately passing away. The percussionist of « Rada & Ternovnik », Kirill Rossolimo, adds singularity to the sound of the band with his experimental mixed set of percussion instruments from various musical cultures. He uses cajon (specific Peruvian instrument; nowadays often used by Spanish flamenco performers), jembe (West African drum), African and Indian drums, Tajik and Irish percussion instruments. The percussionist plays with hands only, even on brass. That gives very saturated, energetic low sound – ecological and natural, with highly expressed physiological effect on listeners. The guitarist of the band, Vladimir Anchevski, uses classical guitar school of 60s, being an heir of traditions of Jimmy Page. He joins meditative and psychedelic sound of guitar with hard energetic riffs. « Rada & Ternovnik » has released about 10 CDs on independent label « Ur-Realist », not to mention numerous live, bootleg and radio recordings. Their work is highly acclaimed in Europe as well as in Russia. « Prikosnovenie Records » (France) released a full-length album « My love, my sorrow » and a mini-CD of Rada’s earlier songs. Music of « Rada & Ternovnik » was included on the compilation « Belladonna », also released by « Prikosnovenie ». Despite several appearances in prime-time TV with live concerts, « Rada & Ternovnik » never signed a contract with any major label and remain independent. « Rada & Ternovnik » would have been very grateful for all information regarding actions and festivals they could participate in, especially in those of ethnical direction. (from their website)

FR Un sticker sur le CD indique ‘russian fairytales’, et c’est exactement ça. Je dois tout de même avouer que je n’écouterais pas ce genre de musiques tous les jours non plus.
ENG ‘Russian fairytales’, says the sticker on the CD. And yes, russian fairytales, that’s exactly what we have here.


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  1. docteurorlof dit :


    Other russian bands previously posted here:
    K.U. Street Spring Soft
    http://www.multiupload.com/JV9RU72W0E (trip-hop, downtempo)
    EU Reframing
    http://www.multiupload.com/KZITI4Z2PJ (IDM, electronica, excellent)
    (once again, follow the tags for more details…)

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