Tomoko Sauvage – Ombrophilia (and/OAR, 2009)

Tomoko Sauvage

CD either/OAR either/3 (USA, 2009)

01. Amniotic Life¹
02. Raindrop Exercise¹
03. Mylapore
04. Amniotic Life²
05. Making of a Rainbow
06. Jalatarangam Revisited
07. Raindrop Exercise²

Tomoko Sauvage – water, porcelain bowls, metal wire, wood spoons, condenser microphones

Sauvage, a Paris-based Japanese musician, uses water-filled porcelain bowls for her electro-acoustic performances and compositions. The use of hydrophones (underwater microphones) allows her to capture the subtle sound of water waves and drops resonating in porcelain bowls. The serene, contemplative aquatic soundscape is woven from these fragile materials. Her first solo album, Ombrophilia will be released on and/OAR (USA) in 2009. (Previous) Collaborators include Gilles Aubry, Momus and Emmanuel Rebus. » (The Wire)

Difficult not to remain charmed, if not entirely mesmerized, by Tomoko Sauvage’s music for water, porcelain bowls and hydrophones, delicately represented by the 40 minutes of Ombrophilia. This is a model case in which, rather than looking at the technical aspect of things, one should simply let the sound influence the spirit. There’s both structure and rational process at work, yet they’re not as significant as the warm luminescence that these soothingly resonant pieces irradiate. With the exception of ‘Mylapore’, which uses metal wire to produce a growingly intricate ringing texture (imagine three or four superimposed gamelans amidst a hundred bicycle bells) and the minimal-yet-powerful ‘Jalatarangam Revisited’, the tracks essentially exploit the ear-cuddling fluid shifts generated by the hydrophones, that typical wavering of moving waters within a pot that we’ve all experienced while helping mum to wash the dishes. The two chapters of ‘Amniotic Life’ and ‘Raindrop Exercise’ give the idea of different kinds of bell towers, the tolling modified by a morphing acoustic lattice quietly wrapping their quintessence. But the album’s high point is ‘Making Of A Rainbow’ – a touching, carillon-like wonder of a piece whose qualities are summed up in a single adjective: vulnerable. » (Massimo Ricci, Paris Transatlantic)

Tomoko Sauvage : eau, bols de porcelaine, micros, cuillères de bois, etc. Première publication solo pour cette artiste japonaise et résidente parisienne, ‘Ombrophilia’ joue la sérénité et fait la part belle aux hypnotiques résonances dans un calme profond, douceurs et féérie. Environnemental, minimal, aquatique et précieux. (Metamkine)

FR Il parait que plus personne n’achète de disques. Pourtant il doit bien s’en vendre encore un peu, puisque celui-ci est épuisé au label. Ne vous arrêtez pas au nom, il n’y a rien de sauvage ici, c’est très doux et tout à fait charmant.
ENG They say nobody buys CDs anymore. That’s not completely true, because this album is sold out at source (and this music is more than charming).

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Un commentaire pour Tomoko Sauvage – Ombrophilia (and/OAR, 2009)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    More out of print releases from and/OAR previously posted here:
    Stuart Dodman You Fill Me
    Duul_Drv Fade with Consequence
    Jos Smolders Habitat
    (as usual, follow the tags for more details…)

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