Joseph McNulty – Week (A Beard of Snails, 2010)

Joseph McNulty

CDr3′ A Beard of Snails ABOS2-016 (Denmark, 2010)

01. Monday
02. Tuesday
03. Wednesday
04. Thursday
05. Friday
06. Saturday
07. Sunday

Short collection of 7 tunes on 3′ cd-r, one for each day of the week. Ambient and folk tunes. (Joseph McNulty)

An eclectic homespun pop gem from Joseph McNulty (previous/upcoming releases on Tired Trails and Cabin Floor Esoterica.) Seven songs for seven days, encompassing heavy nature, autumnal sundaze, even lo-fi techno whimsy. (A Beard of Snails)

“Week” is a fun little release from Joe McNulty, who uses the 3′ format to deliver seven varied songs, each ranging from 2-3 minutes and named after a day of the week. Because of the theme of this cd, I’m going to try something a little different and give each day/song a quick synopsis.
Monday – A bevy of detuned, slippery guitars gives way to a lilting electronic rhythm which in turn morphs into a siren wail before a nice folky guitar tune emerges. Before you know it, it’s…
Tuesday – Deep shoegazey guitars spread across the land. Tuesday is melancholic and reflective.
Wednesday – Hump day brings a loose, jangly pop song about the course of the day, getting up, lunch, smoking, watching tv, going back to sleep, etc. McNulty provides some suitably drowsy vocal stylings.
Thursday – Electronic flourishes rise and fall while robots build a house. Many changes; jazzy interlude, spaceships land, the robots scream. Thursday is crazy, man.
Friday – Ah, the gentle acoustics help buffer the hangover from Thursday. Another groovy living room pop song emerges with a reedy thing blowing. Gotta go outside, that’s what Joe says.
Saturday – The dream guitars billow and amass. indiscriminate percussion and melodies give way to more bouyant picking. Dogs bark and approve of this direction.
Sunday – The cheer of the crowd instigates some mellow acoustic fingerpicking and strums accompanied by birdsong and other field sounds (and what sounds either like a bong or coffee percolating) before giving way to similar scraping and plucking a la the intro of Monday. The week starts all over again.
(Kirk Van Husen, Foxy Digitalis)

FR Un bébé qui fête son premier anniversaire est encore un bébé, un blog qui fête son premier anniversaire est déjà un vieux blog. J’ai du mal à croire que je suis encore là un an plus tard, à construire patiemment une collection de disques virtuelle… Quoi qu’il en soit, retour à un de mes labels favoris avec ce petit objet artisanal. Une chanson par jour pour une semaine, la limite de l’exercice est dans l’énoncé. C’est lo-fi, modeste, ça ne gagne pas à tous les coups donc ce ne sera pas le disque le plus crucial de la semaine, tout en restant très agréable justement par sa modestie et sa spontanéité. Et quand certains se prennent pour des génies sous prétexte qu’ils passent deux ans enfermés dans leur studio pour régler un son de batterie (ce que personne ne remarquera en le téléchargeant), ça fait plaisir et ça rafraîchit.
ENG A one year old baby is still a baby, a one year old blog is already an old blog. I can hardly believe I’m still here one year later, patiently building a virtual record collection… Anyway, back to one of my favourite labels, A Beard of Snails once again. Seven songs for seven days, of course nothing crucial or groundbreaking, but modest, refreshing and very pleasant lo-fi pop tunes here. Lovely little music on a lovely little object (but now sold out).

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Un commentaire pour Joseph McNulty – Week (A Beard of Snails, 2010)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    (This EP is also available as a free download directly on Joseph McNulty’s website, but at a much lower bitrate. I know it’s a lo-fi affair, but it’s doesn’t have to be ‘poorly’ encoded and this little thing deserved an upgrade.)

    A lot more from A Beard of Snails previously posted here (Pine Smoke Lodge, Mark Bradley, Bruno Duplant…). Follow the good old tags for details.

    And if you want more lo-fi bedroom recordings, there’s also this heartbreaking little thing posted nearly one year ago:
    Ring Incense, Spice and Late Late Nights (Darjeeling Sounds)


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