Will Montgomery – Water Blinks (Selvageflame, 2005)

Will Montgomery
Water Blinks

CD Selvageflame 001 (UK, 2005)

01. Bryum
02. Dock
03. Lapsana
04. Yarrow
05. Vetch
06. Tormentil
07. Eyebright
08. Mullein
09. Hypnum
10. Knappia

Recorded aug.2004 – jan.2005

Will Montgomery makes electronic music, sound art and field recordings. His musical pieces explore aural texture and narrative. He also constructs compositions from sequences of treated or untreated field recordings. He is interested in the acoustics of the built environment, particularly London. He teaches at Royal Holloway, University of London. (Selvageflame)

An assured and enjoyable collection of low-key experiments with rhythm and texture […] this is careful music that reveals its detail with attentive listening, particularly in the higher frequency range, where delicate, softly piercing tones dance around the stereo spectrum. (Keith Moliné, The Wire)

In Montgomery’s music, though there’s nothing as overt as intruding exterior sounds, there is an ineffable spatial sense imparted, definitely though elusively serving to place his pieces into an occupied space. […] There’s a […] juxtapositioning of tones with gently apposing grains, colors, degrees of brittleness or softness [and] each of the flowers has its own charming character. […] Without any elbowing at all, these pieces made themselves quite at home. Water Blinks is a fine release. (Brian Olewnick, Bagatellen)

Ce blog a suffisamment peu de lecteurs, je ne peux pas me permettre de les perdre avec des trucs deep house. Premier album de Will Montgomery (Nonvisualobjects, Entr’acte), explorations discrètes et sérieuses, voilà qui devrait rassurer mon public (pour qui je me prends, n’est-ce pas?).


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