Nicholas Szczepanik – Dear Dad (Basses Frequences, 2010)

Nicholas Szczepanik
Dear Dad

CD Basses Frequences BF22 / Goat Eater Arts (France/USA, 05-2010)

01. When I’m No Longer Afraid of You
02. Forgive to Forget

Recorded in the Fall and Winter of 2009.

When I was a child, my dad asked that I write him a letter. I felt it to be a confusing request because I was still living with him and saw him every day. Looking back, I guess it was his way of getting me to talk and to allow him to understand who I am, but I never managed to write it. Many years later and after much thought, I realize there’s so much I need to tell him now. This is that letter; it says much more than any amount of words ever could. (N. Szczepanik)

The first piece is the towering one of the two, a thirty-seven-minute monolithic drone that emerges from silence and ever-so-slowly builds into an awesome roar. Ten minutes in, the hum of electrical wires and organ tones dominates; five minutes later, the intensity noticeably escalates when a tsunami-like wave advances, and it’s from this moment forward that one’s advised to strap oneself in as Szczepanik cranks up the volume and density until the sound mass resembles a seething, torrential blur within which all manner of sounds seem to be struggling to be heard. A minute before it ends, a glorious melodic flourish brings it to a climax, after which a rapid decompression sets in. (Textura)

FR Epuisé chez Basses Frequences, le disque le plus intense et le plus intime de Nicholas Szczepanik. Tout est dans le titre (des morceaux, pas de l’album). A écouter très fort, donc vous montez le volume et ensuite vous ne touchez plus au bouton.
ENG Sold out from Basses Frequences, this is possibly Nicholas Szczepanik’s most intense and intimate release. Please play loud (and do not manipulate the volume button while listening, thanks).

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7 commentaires pour Nicholas Szczepanik – Dear Dad (Basses Frequences, 2010)

  1. docteurorlof dit :
    (more from Basses Frequences in the archives, follow the tags…)

    By the way, Madrid’s Night Clubber didn’t get the attention this wonderful album deserved, and it’s a shame.

  2. biano dit :

    O! Thanks a lot!

  3. Anonyme dit :


  4. biano dit :

    docteurorlof, Всё правильно Вы поняли, и даже более того, переводчик более-менее корректно всё перевёл..У него я слышал многое, Кроме :Dull In Color, Iomcin, и обе части
    Forgotten Dreams. Но эта работа повергает меня в транс. Изумительно. А Вы Случайно не слушали Gilles Aubry & Stéphane Montavon – Les écoutis le caire? Хороший Field-recording, советую тоже.)

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