The Marilyn Decade – The Marilyn Decade (Freek, 1995)

The Marilyn Decade
The Marilyn Decade

CD Freek Records FRR 015 (UK, 1995)

01. Dawn Chorus
02. The Lost Afternoon
03. Where Angels Walk
04. Hafod Arthen
05. You and the Rest of the Day
06. Letters from Paris
07. Scenes from a Spanish Railway
08. A Chorus of Angels
09. Love
10. Where the River Meets the Sea

Original Recordings were made at « The Most Beautiful House In The World ».
Thanks to Peter Morgan at Freek Records for believing in this music.

No responsability is taken for the mind altering qualities of the beauty of this album. Though it is guaranteed that it will improve your life in some way. (Liner notes)

This Berkshire duo, consisting of Richard Conway-Jones and Michael Beard, began jamming together and exchanging ideas in the late eighties after stints in numerous bands where names and line-ups have been lost in the mists of time. A demo of theirs was eventually sent to the then newly formed Freek Records (also home to the Loop splinter group The Hair & Skin Trading Co.), after an ad was spotted in the back pages of ‘Melody Maker’. This resulted in the release of their self-titled debut of beautifully languid guitar sketches, with its echoes of Fahey and L.M. Connors, which became, to quote Phil’s piece, « …a salvation on many a long winters’ night. »
(Steve Pescott, Terrascope)

Guitarists Richard Conway Jones and Michael Beard create lulling, non-distorted instrumental music that drifts through a variety of techniques on The Marilyn Decade. The song titles from a poem on the inner sleeve are emblematic of The Marilyn Decade’s intended effect, that being meditation and relaxation. « Dawn Chorus » is full of slow volume swells and ambience. « Where Angels Walk » loses the hard strumming in a flood of effects. « Hafted Arthen » has slide guitar and folksy picking over two repeated chords. « You and the Rest of the Day » could be played during a love scene from a Hawaiian Elvis movie — a guitar slowly ascends to charming highs, then slips back down. The album ultimately delivers on its promise, as stated in the liner notes, to « improve your life in some way. » So long as you consider it an improvement to feel heavy-lidded time-displacement. (Ben Goldberg, Badaboom Gramophone)

FR Très chouette disque de fin de nuit complètement oublié. Doux, tout doux…
ENG Late late night music, very calm, and very nice. Recommended, really (even if it’s a forgotten 15 years old album).

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Un commentaire pour The Marilyn Decade – The Marilyn Decade (Freek, 1995)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    By the way, Madrid’s Night Clubber didn’t get the attention this wonderful album deserved, and it’s a shame:

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