The End Springs – The Silent Meadow (A Beard of Snails, 2009)

The End Springs
The Silent Meadow

CDr A Beard of Snails abos146 (Denmark, 2009)

01. Standing Before the Wind Master
02. The Burning Field of Dog Fire (Parts 1-3)
03. Fields Full of Rabbits

Written & performed by Stephen Kent
‘When the time comes, all that will be left will be fields full of rabbits.’

The man behind Dust Wind Tales bestows upon us three pieces of acoustic rural haze (in the maize.) Six-stringed intimacy, folklore freakin’, Olde English Countryside with hints of Appalachia. Cover art by Brendon ‘Viking Moses’ Massei. Edition of 60.
(A Beard of Snails)

FR Pour celles et ceux qui ont aimé The Marilyn Decade, on continue dans le folk instrumental et pastoral. C’est épuisé chez A Beard of Snails, mais le label a tout plein de nouveautés qui n’attendent que vous (en CD, en cassette, et même en vinyle). Vous pouvez bien entendu aussi attendre que je poste tout ici une fois que ce sera sold out, mais ce serait un pari risqué et une très mauvaise idée.
ENG More instrumental pastoral folk for those of you who enjoyed The Marilyn Decade. These days you’ll find lots of new releases on A Beard of Snails (on CD, tape or vinyl), but not this album, now sold out. And I know what you think : ‘why should I buy these albums? Everything will be on this blog once they’re sold out…’ Well, that’s a very bad idea. Maybe not everything, maybe not the one you wanted, or maybe this blog will simply no longer exist. So don’t wait too long if there’s something you’d like to buy…

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Un commentaire pour The End Springs – The Silent Meadow (A Beard of Snails, 2009)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    The Marilyn Decade is still here :

    … and you’ll find more from A Beard of Snails in the archives (all out of print), just follow the tags as usual.

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