Horse Palace – Horse Palace (Cook an Egg, 2007)

Horse Palace
Horse Palace

CDr Cook an Egg egg06cd (France, 04-2007)

01. Keso
02. Sleep (Why Don’t You)
03. Friendly Neighbors
04. Kallisti
05. The Spot
06. Sons Of Familiar
07. Bismarck
08. To Pauline And Petra With Love
09. 76
10. After Image

Horse Palace is a Montreal based artist who works on delicate, intimate, cloudy drone ambiences punctuated by noisy interferences and acoustic instrumental arrangements. He recently released his first album on the obscure french label Cook an egg (which signed albums from others dark experimental, folk, minimal ambient collectives as Pefkin, Shoeb Hahmad, Zalienople…). This self title album (2007) delivers beautifully decaying, fragile electronic loops and experimentations that can remind Nihm + M.B collaboration, Brian Eno’s dark soundscapes and Andrew Chalk’s different projects in hypnotic abstract electronic suites. (Progarchives)

Another captivating release from French label Cook an Egg from Montreal based Horse Palace . Richly textured drones and wonder-filled synth sculptings. The opener is the sound of joyous sensory-overload, like being immersed in the Northern Lights. A bit Stars of the Lid, a bit like Seht without the never-ending build, a bit even like Yellow 6 without the 4AD-isms. (Boa Melody Bar)

FR Dix jours sans rien poster. Et pourtant, si j’en crois les statistiques le nombre de visites est resté stable, comme si ce blog n’avait pas besoin de moi pour vivre sa petite vie. Les statistiques peuvent être humiliantes, parfois. (Et on devrait interdire l’utilisation du mot ‘sleep’ sur les albums d’ambient, c’est redondant.)
ENG Ten days ago, this blog was declared dead, killed by a mini heatwave and a massive laziness attack. So today may be one of the least spectacular resurrections ever. Ambient from Montreal, nothing new under the sun but very nice.

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2 commentaires pour Horse Palace – Horse Palace (Cook an Egg, 2007)

  1. docteurorlof dit :
    (still available from the Boa Melody Bar – outrageously cheap price)

    • Anonyme dit :

      Thanks for posting this underrated gem. Cook An Egg is not entirely dead… I’m still running the label though most of the recent releases have been from Australia’s The Lost Domain.
      Don’t hesitate to get in touch : hubertfx-at-gmail-dot-com
      Best, François.

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