v/a – INstruments (List, 2004)

Various Artists

CD List L5 (France, 02-2004)

01. Werner Dafeldecker & Martin Siewert – Stendec
02. Janek Schaefer – Sans la Vue
03. Steinbrüchel – Tint/e
04. Mou, Lips! – Che Ti Amera per Sempre
05. Sébastien Roux – Farnsworth House
06. Matthieu Saladin & Ivan Solano – Syn
07. Hervé Boghossian – Points d’Orgue
08. Günter Müller – Momentary Cymbalized
09. Mitchell Akiyama – Capsized Sigh and a Highjacked Smile
10. Julien Tardieu & Cylens – Retilh
11. Colleen – Slow Flower

The small French label List maybe be small but their releases so far fill me with you. Their second compilation explores ‘the relations between acoustic instruments and digital process’. It features a wide range of musicians and composers, with different backgrounds. Janek Schaeffer for instance uses a ‘record player for the blind, mixer, pedals and on screen collage’, so that hardly sounds like an instrument. At the other end we find Matthieu Saladin and Ivan Soland who do a blass clarinet duo. However most others play instruments (or have them played) and process them digitally. Steinbruchel for instance process guitar playing by Herve Boghossian (label head honcho). In many of the eleven pieces here there is some careful playing and processing going on. Each piece takes a fair amount of time and the acoustic element is never lost whilst the digital element is always present somewhere. Take Andrea Gabriele’s piano, double and electric bass and percussion piece: sounding glitchy and ambient, the real instrumental touch is not lost. Lastly the combination of somewhat more known and unknown players make this into a fine introduction aswell something to recognize and be surprised of. Mitchell Akiyama (nice violin piece!), Gunter Muller, Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Siewert and Sebastian Roux may sell the CD but Julien Tardieu, Colleen or Herve Boghossian are certainly names to watch out. A very nice compilation. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Sur le défunt label List, une compilation avec une liste d’artistes qu’on ne présente plus (comprendre : que j’ai la flemme de présenter dans le détail…). Entre copinages, jeunes pousses et musiciens confirmés, cette sélection tire ceci dit son épingle du jeu et résiste plutôt bien à l’épreuve du temps.

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2 commentaires pour v/a – INstruments (List, 2004)

  1. biano dit :

    Довольно интересная компиляция, в особенности вторая её часть. Плюс, я открыл для себя некоторые новые имена, которых не знал ранее. Спасибо!

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