Antony Milton – The End of this Short Road (Deserted Village, 2006)

Antony Milton
The End of this Short Road

CD Deserted Village dv27 (Ireland, 2006)

01. Day of the World
02. The End of this Short Road
03. Hops
04. In Amongst The Ferns
05. The Armchair (Sprung)
06. Dreams the Ridge
07. Fine Stems – & Drips Like Tears
08. Distilled
09. Skylight. Rusted. 7PM.
10. Track for the Larkings
11. Could Be Killers Talk
12. …(Chairs)

Tracks 1-11 recorded 2000 at Hinau Road and at « Murder Shed »
Track 12 recorded 2003 at McKinley Crescent

I recorded it in 2000 a few months before I started the PseudoArcana label, and given that my initial idea for P.A. was for it to focus on harsher and more abstract musics the simple melodic folk songiness of ‘Short Road’ resulted in it sitting on the shelf for much longer than it perhaps should have. There was a great poet who said of his work that all he had ever done was write the same poem again and again, trying to get it right. I’ve sometimes felt that I only have the one song inside me, and I’ve approached that song from a hundred radically different angles and have ultimately become convinced that this song can never in fact be realised in any definitive way. But that one song is still there inside me and there are places on ‘Short Road’ where I think I come as close to realising that song as anywhere. (Antony Milton,2006)

This is release number 27 on Deserted Village and it’s another CD this time. Many of you will know Antony Milton as the New Zealander behind the mighty PseudoArcana label. This album was recorded 6 years ago on 4-track and differs from Miltons many other solo projects. It’s a collection of short songs with insistent violin orbiting stark acoustic guitars. There’s more to it than that but we won’t spoil the surprise. Antony himself tells us that the music he releases under his own name is the most direct and unadorned. (Deserted Village)

Antony Milton en mode intimiste juste avant de se lancer dans l’aventure PseudoArcana. Avec toujours cette esthétique lo-fi neo-zélandaise si caractéristique.

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Un commentaire pour Antony Milton – The End of this Short Road (Deserted Village, 2006)

  1. docteurorlof dit :
    (very last copies still available directly from PseudoArcana)

    You may also enjoy this true lost gem posted here last year:
    Ring Incense, Spice and Late Late Nights (Darjeeling Sounds)

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