The Faraday Trippers – The Legend of Martense’s Lane (Seagrass, 2010)

The Faraday Trippers
The Legend of Martense’s Lane

CDr Seagress Recordings Seagrass No.3 (USA, 2010)

01. The Devil’s Joy at Breaking the Sabbath
02. Pious Dutchmen Sing and Pray

Michael Faraday Scholtz & Pat-Trip Dyspenzer : theremins.
Recorded live and direct to two track digital on july 3, 2009 at Wildwood Studios.
Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?

The Faraday Trippers perform regularly in the Los Angeles area. In May 2010, they were honored to share a stage at the Bottled Smoke II festival with Tom Carter, Barn Owl, Dreamcolour and Slasher Risk. They have also performed at the Ecstatic Knot Festival and the 2010 Wonder Valley Noise Festival, and appeared on bills with Sean McCann, Lucky Dragons, Pete Swanson, Rene Hell, Swanox, and many others. Recent live performances have featured guest appearances by members of Queen Victoria, Metal Rouge, Warm Climate, Pocahaunted, Robedoor, Sun Araw, Shelter Death, and (VxPxC). In addition to their work in the Faraday Trippers, Michael Faraday Scholtz and Pat-Trip Dyspenzer also perform with Grant Capes (Circle and the Square, Sleepwalkers Local, Phantom LImb Records) as Obscurer. (The Faraday Trippers)

Walking home late one Saturday night through the moonlit fields of early colonial Brooklyn, a fiddler named Joost met a dark stranger. The fateful duet that resulted is the subject of « The Legend of Martense’s Lane. » Drawing on this old folktale, theremin duo The Faraday Trippers conjure « The Devil’s Joy at Sabbath Breaking. » A 47-minute epic of unearthly mystery, escalating tension, and explosive violence. The sun rises with the astral pastorale, « Pious Dutchmen Sing and Pray. » (Seagrass)

One very long piece (over 40 mins) and a second, shorter one (over 8 minutes) of wall-to-wall Theremin, based on the story of a fiddler’s encounter with the devil. In the more turbulent opening piece, the devil breaks the sabbath, but by playing a pious air at dawn, giving title to track 2, the fiddler breaks the devil! I like a good story and lots of Theremin to go with it and this is nothing like the Charlie Daniels Band’s « The devil Went Down To Georgia », in case you’re wondering (which I suspect you weren’t!).
(John Cavanagh, Boa Melody Bar)

FR Oui, un duo de Theremin, oui. A côté, mes drones chéris sont des petits joueurs.
ENG Yes, a Theremin duo, yes. You have no idea.

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2 commentaires pour The Faraday Trippers – The Legend of Martense’s Lane (Seagrass, 2010)

  1. Dave M dit :

    You’re right, I wasn’t wondering. But thank you!

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