Duul_Drv / Nibo / Vend – Clean (Line, 2002)

Duul_Drv / Nibo / Vend

CD Line Line_011 (USA, 10-2002)

01. Duul_Drv – Duul_Drv.Clean 1
02. Duul_Drv – Duul_Drv.Clean 2
03. Duul_Drv – Duul_Drv.Clean 3
04. Nibo – Nibo.Clean 1
05. Nibo – Nibo.Clean 2
06. Nibo – Nibo.Clean 3
07. Vend – Vend.Clean 1
08. Vend – Vend.Clean 2
09. Vend – Vend.Clean 3
10. Vend – Vend.Clean 4
11. Vend – Vend.Clean 5

Clean is a compilation of digital work by three international artists/projects exploring their own diverse languages/processes to create both sound and sound installations of minimalist aesthetics. The working title of “clean” was the only parameter given to the artists, who were asked to express this term in sound form.
DUUL_DRV(Canada/b.1974) is S. Arden Hill, sound artist and painter, who explores the environment of miniature re-juxtaposition. His sound work combines various forms of processed audible texture, ranging from phonographic recordings to abstract and pop ambience. These textures are processed with lo-tech software, manifesting slow and organic compositions. duul_drv’s work has appeared on several international compilations including 12k/LINE’s Between Two Points and he has performed at such international events at Extrasensory (London), Mutek (Montreal), and Diagram 11h: Silophone (Montreal) in collaboration with [the user].
NIBO (Japan/b.1977) is active in sound, design and visual art. Many of his works including his multi-media installation pieces focus on scientific or mathematical themes. The n160 label (www.n160.com) was founded by nibo in early 2001 as a laboratory/platform for the input/output of various mediums. His work has been released on n160 and on Germany’s Raster-Noton label. He recently performed in a series of Raster-Noton events in Tokyo, collaborating with Carsten Nicolai.
VEND is Alex Peverett (UK/b.1976) and Joe Gilmore (UK/b.1968). Over the past three years, they have have worked together under various project names. Vend was the result of a mutual interest in understated generative/algorithmic audio design. vend.clean consists entirely of sounds constructed using various forms of audio synthesis. No samples or recordings of anything external to the computer were used, all the sounds were synthesised artificially. vend music usually begins with a vision which is brought about through process, the process being an integral [but discarded] element of the finished work. The project’s work has previously appeared on Between Two Points (12k/LINE).

As a term with both abstract and concrete connotations, “clean” is open to a wide number of interpretations and a virtually unlimited range of definitions. From the absent to the present, from the high to the low and from the instantaneous to the prolonged, “clean” is relative; a perpetually shifting point. Canada’s Duul_drv presents the word as a series of tiny crackling eruptions; Nibo, from Japan, as a sequence of almost inaudible exhalations. Vend, comprising Alex Peverett and Joe Gilmore from the UK, isolate bright protean tones against expanses of silence. Each composition, aside from sharing the same title and starting point, expresses a recurring sense of fragile hesitancy, as if they were all simply dust particles accumulating on the surface of a mirror. (The Wire)

This new one on Line features three bands (or projects) : Duul_Drv, Nibo and Vend. So in a way it is a three way split album I guess. First up is Duul_Drv from Canada with three very beautiful and atmospheric tracks with lots of subtleties, mainly in the high frequencies. One of the most interesting things in their music is the sparse use of ‘natural’ acoustic sounds, dripping through a texture of dark drones and subtle glitches. The next three tracks are by Nibo from Japan. All of them are made with the good old sine wave and do indeed add something to the ‘genre.’ Soft and gentle, but piercing. And at some point, too much….. The last five tracks are by Vend from the UK. They are all short, ranging from two to four minutes, and made from short sounds as well. With generous amounts of silence, these tracks have a certain mesmerizing quality, not unlike ambient music, but starting from a totally different approach. Most of the sounds are in the high frequencies range and sort of flutter around the ears, stirring the listener into a certain state of drifting consciousness. Very well done. (Vital Weekly)

FR Avec deux téléchargements seulement au compteur (deux, oui, deux), le pourtant chouette Apartment Rocking d’Anders Thode n’était peut-être pas si ‘catchy’ que ça… Sectarisme? Indifférence polie? Dans tous les cas, on rentre à la maison avec ce split partagé par trois artistes venant des quatre coins du globe (car oui, tout comme l’hexagone le globe a quatre coins lui aussi).
ENG Two downloads? Two downloads only? Seriously? Maybe Anders Thode’s Apartment Rocking was not that catchy after all… Anyway, nothing ‘catchy’ here with this earlier (and long out of print) release from the Line label.


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