Saturn Form Essence – Deep Space Journey (A Beard of Snails, 2011)

Saturn Form Essence
Deep Space Journey

CDr A Beard of Snails ABOS3-065 (Denmark, 07-2011)

01. Philosophy of Chaos Structure
02. …Far Away from Saturn
03. Dead Space Isolation
04. Plutonium Shadows
05 ..

Recorded at SFE studio, 2009.
All cosmic impulse by S.

Saturn Form Essence may be familiar to some, as the project has released (and, more notoriously, re-released) material on a number of labels – especially those of a black/doom metal persuasion. Meanwhile, this collection focuses largely on SFE’s astral rumbles, pulsating pulsar pips, and harsher cosmic meditation – definitely a journey for the six+ senses. From dense, tense blasting (off/on), to barely-there passages, secret stars, psychic tsars… An edition of 20, with artwork affixed to black digipaks.
(A Beard of Snails)

FR Ne pas rester sur un échec (même si je ne digère toujours pas les deux piteux téléchargements du Apartment Rocking d’Anders Thode). En direct d’Ukraine, 75 minutes massives et glacées. Et en venez pas me dire que ce n’est pas assez catchy cette fois (je n’ai aucun humour).
ENG Back to A Beard of Snails, but no lo-fi garage pop hits this time. Deep, dark, cold and massive ambient/drone from Ukraine. Yes, this one is severly less ‘catchy’ than Apartment Rocking

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7 commentaires pour Saturn Form Essence – Deep Space Journey (A Beard of Snails, 2011)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    …And there’s a lot more out of print releases from A Beard of Snails in the archives, because yes it’s a great label. Follow the tags as usual…

  2. redL dit :

    Never listened to them before but your comments have me interested. Thanks for sharing.

    • docteurorlof dit :

      Maybe you should visit their Myspace page first. The album is very very long, and if you’re not in a dark/drone/industrial/ambient mood it may even be a little bit TOO long.
      (And Anders Thode’s Apartment Rocking is much more ‘catchy’… even if it’s the least popular download ever on this blog…)

  3. goinsomewhere dit :

    Thanks for the comment and how right you are. I do love drone/dark ambient/industrial but this one was just too samey. I like some variation and this didn’t have it. One of the artists I’m totally immersed in right now is « Raionbashi » (Daniel Löwenbrück). I have been patiently waiting for his 2011 Lp(Raionbashi/Stefan Roigk/Daniela Fromberg – Split [Senufo Ed) to appear on the web. It probably will sometime in 2012. Or maybe I’ll get real lucky and they’ll reissue it on CD. I think it sold out immediately and even if it didn’t I do not have an LP player anymore. Mine broke about 4 yrs ago and I haven’t had the $$ to replace. What are you loving this year for music?

  4. docteurorlof dit :

    Tough question… I know, I know, we’re in november, time for years-end lists is close, but it’ a tough question. Last year (in january, in fact), I made a ‘2010 top ten’ …in alphabetical order …and with a lot more than ten albums (and with exclusively things I’ve actually bought – including all the downloaded music would turn this exercise into a pure nightmare). So I think I’ll do the same this year too. The problem is : lots of music, lots of good/great albums, but no massive coup de coeur.
    But, ok, a few names:
    – Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand ‘Already awake in the night’ (LP ini.itu)
    – Ghostpoet ‘Peanutt butter blues & melancholy jam’ (this one’s really excellent)
    – The Diamond Family Archive ‘Dyke Road Drive’ (A Beard of Snails, of course)
    – Henryspenncer ‘To the timeless valley’ (great discovery on
    – Beequeen ‘Port out starboard home’ (Important, so pop, so good)
    – …and a few more (proper list in january if I find the courage)

    And now Senufo also has a Bandcamp page, maybe they’ll include the Raionbashi/Stefan Roigk/Daniela Fromberg LP later…

  5. goinsomewhere dit :

    docteurorlof, I have heard the Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand (love), Ghostpoet (love) & Beequeen (big like) only. The other two not only did I not hear but never heard of them. I checked out that Bookmaker site and they generously let you listen to the whole LP which I love. And the Diamond Family Archive has a dl’able mp3 from Dyke Road Drive. But I agree with you about the massive amount of music that is now available to hear, DL, purchase. I am from the days when you bought an LP and listened to that LP hundreds of times where you knew every note and/or word. Then and only then on to the next LP. Now it seems like you love one LP, then you love another, then another and another they are like speeding cars whizzing by. By the end of the year you actually forget some music you loved. That’s where my love for the end of year lists come in. They remind you of things you would’ve forgoten. There are some LP’s that take multiple listens and then all of a sudden they are one of your most cherished music and now if an LP doesn’t immediately envelope you you’re already on to the next. On the other hand you get to experience all kinds of obscure bands that you normally wouldn’t. On the senufo page they let you listen to about 9 minutes of that (Raionbashi/Stefan Roigk/Daniela Fromberg – Split [Senufo Ed) LP which actually is like a tease but regardless I’ve listened to it over and over many times. Hopefully the bandcamp will include it soon.

    • docteurorlof dit :

      Bookmaker Records are so generous that they also allowed the blog Know your Conjurer to post the whole album in MP3. Honestly, I don’t understand why this CD is not sold out yet. Hands in the Dark’s releases (like Cankun or Sacred Harp previously posted here) were gone in a few hours, but six months later ‘To the timeless valley’ is still available (in a lovely digipack by the way).

      And obviously, the Diamond Family Archive CD will be posted here as soon as it’s sold out from A Beard of Snails (but not now, last copies ‘still in stock’, in another lovely handmade package… and cheap price too).

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