The Deep – Basenotic Tracks (Basenotic, 1999)

The Deep
Basenotic Tracks

CD Basenotic Records BACD101 / Discograph (France, 1999)

01. Dom Dom Jump
02. Colors of Love
03. Burundi Twilight
04. Cassio’s Theme
05. Gratiot’s Tiger
06. Love your Brother
07. Telescope Rmx
08. Track Machine
09. Marbles
10. My Angels
11. Dom Dom Jump (Original Mix)

Written & produced by DJ Deep & Julien Jabre
Original 12″ versions remastered

The Deep is a name that sounds very much like a slogan; simple and efficient, but that hides a complex musical story. Slogan is not the right word though, credo is more suitable, a basic commandment, a rule for life and belief, music for The Deep being way more than the soundtrack to their lives. DJ Deep and Julien Jabre, the two producers behind this project, are knights, they think they are and they claim it loud. And I’m not far from agreeing. A small but meaningful example : DJ Deep is a guy who wears proudly sweat shirts with « Deep House » embroided by himself or printed with the « College of New Jersey » logo, every connoisseur knowing that this is where, and not from the Big Apple, that the purest Deep House is being made. Purist then ? Of course, and that’s why I like them. You don’t meet that often people that you love to argue with, and I often do so with them. Many confuse purism and close-midness; it is true that these two guys play the knight game by the rule and with a sometimes naive sincerity. But a game is a game, nothing more, and they are a lot more open-minded than they’ll ever let us believe. DJ Deep was a longtime partner of Laurent Garnier for the legendary Wake Up! parties at the Rex Club in Paris; he was also one of the best techno DJ I had heard and I’ve never met anyone who knows his Jeff Mills back catalogue like he does. I don’t see why that would stop him to run the best Deep House nights in Paris, Legends, and to play on Radio Nova a deep selection that any american so-called star should envy. DJ Deep is a discreet (modest?) man, he is nonetheless the visible side of The Deep, Julien keeps himself hidden behind his machines, and is right to do so because his releases make him one of the best french producers around. Without any showing off. Their whole production for parisian label Basenotic (with two unreleased tracks), available on cd for the first time, confirms a feeling that I’ve had for them for a long time now : the deepest respect. I hope it will be the same for you. (Ivan Smagghe, liner notes)

FR C’est l’heure de la mise à jour hebdomadaire d’un blog dont les posts ne sont de fait plus guère irréguliers (même si le nom du blog, lui, reste pertinent en ces temps troublés). C’est aussi l’heure d’un peu de deep house. Et dans le genre c’est de la pur(ist)e, les amateurs seront comblés. Par contre si vous y êtes réfractaire, rien ne vous sera épargné.
ENG Time for our weekly updates (still irregular music, but not really irregular posts anymore), and time for more deep house. And I mean pure deep house, so if you don’t like this genre maybe you should stay away…

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