Schneider TM / Alc Levora – Normes et Déviances #01 (Arbouse, 2001)

Schneider TM / Alc Levora
Normes et Déviances 1

CD Arbouse Recordings arbouND001 (France, 2001)

01. Alc Levora – L’Invendable
02. Schneider TM – Snow Spring
03. Alc Levora – Noitare Def Cinos (Schneider TM Rmx)
04. Schneider TM – Snick Sprain (Alc Levora Rmx)

Track 1 written, recorded and produced on PC, 11/2000.
Track 2 written, recorded and produced 11/2000.
Track 3 additional production and remix 11/2000.
Track 4 additional production and remix 05/2001.

FR Cette collection se présente dans un format court (4 titres). Elle réunira deux artistes ou groupes, où chacun conçoit un morceau et remixe celui de l’autre. L’originalité de cette collection réside surtout dans les collaborations (un artiste méconnu avec un autre qui l’est beaucoup plus…).
ENG This collection is presented in a format runs (4 titles). It will bring together two artists or group, where each one designs a piece and remix that of the other. The originality of this collection reside especially in the collaborations (an artist unknown with another one really much known…).

Sylvain Gauthier’s laptop project Alc Levora kick off this 25 minute ep, airing 2 originals by each band with 2 returned mutual remix favours. Sylvain has clear talents, teasing out sinewy harmonies, fragments of drums, deep vibes in the scrunched up electronic flow. Then its down to Schneider TM, with some of the nicest stuff i’ve heard from them, though still in a different vein to their by now legend cover of The Smiths’ « There is a light.. », heavenly fluttering sounds pared off fat chirruping, clipped bass throbs slipping into some penetrating sonics, finding melody and teasing it out from occluded, superficially distorted music. Just like snow on a cold winter morning, just before the sun has come up. As for the two remixes, Schneider TM are up first, exploring cavities of the mind and inner ear i didn’t think possible until i heard them, for experimental read awesomely successful. Heavyish moments, think Pita’s crescendoes on Get Out, but never lapsing into rock out, just staying on top, pushing the sounds new places to feelings of exhilaration through bass. Alc Levora leave us on a sanctified note, glitched, but nurturing a spiritual air – for something beyond religions and belief. Laptop gospel! (Boomkat)

FR Premier (et unique) volume aujourd’hui épuisé d’une collection qui ambitionnait de faire se rencontrer jeunes pousses et artistes plus confirmés. Inaugurer cette série avec un morceau qui s’intitule ‘L’invendable’, quelle drôle d’idée aussi…
ENG This was Normes & Deviances Volume One, and of course there’s never been a volume two. According to Boomkat, everything they sell is excellent or highly recommanded, but this time it’s true. Great collaboration (especially the last remix).

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