Lee Perry – The Compiler Vol.1 (Rectangle, 2001)

Lee Perry
The Compiler Vol.1

CD Rectangle International Ltd. Rec-CC2VOL1 (UK, 2001)

01. Army Dub
02. Flames of the Dragon
03. Django Shoots First
04. Wind up Doll
05. Run Around Dub
06. Supersonic Man
07. Grumbling
08. Judgement Day
09. Enter the Dragon
10. Clint Eastwood Rides Again
11. King Tubby Dub
12. Every Knee Sall Blow
13. Iron Claw

Knowledgeable fans of Lee « Scratch » Perry will smell something funny about this one as soon as they look at the track listing and the questionable licensing information on the back. Four of these tracks were previously collected on the highly dubious compilation News Flash, while « Supersonic Man » appears to have been lifted from the Heartbeat album Lord God Muzick. « Grumbling » is actually a Junior Byles song entitled « Mumbling and Grumbling, » « Judgement Day » and « Enter the Dragon » were previously issued on currently impossible-to-find Justice League albums (and thus constitute something of a public service here), and « King Tubby Dub » and « Every Knee Shall Bow » sound suspiciously unlike Perry productions at all; in fact, they sound very much like Bunny Lee productions. (This would not be the first time that one Lee’s work had been substituted for the other and released under the Upsetters’ name.) Provenance and legalities aside, how is the music? Well, it’s great, of course, if maniacally uneven. « Django Shoots First » is one of the most famous and enduring rhythms ever recorded by the Upsetters, and Junior Byles is at the top of his considerable powers on « Mumbling & Grumbling. » The computer rhythms on « Supersonic Man » are a bit jarring in this context, and « Enter the Dragon » is a goofy foray into kung fu movie kitsch. Does the album hang together? Absolutely not. Is it lots of fun anyway? You bet. (Rick Anderson)

On a déjà vu des compilations plus rigoureuses que celle-ci, on a aussi déjà vu des labels plus rigoureux que Rectangle, mais on ne va pas bouder notre plaisir pour autant. Dois-je vraiment préciser qu’aucun volume 2 n’a jamais suivi?

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