On – On (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2006)


CD Celebrate Psi Phenomenon 1014 (New Zealand, 2006)

01. We’ve Got TV
02. Fire Down Below
03. My Head
04. Bonobo
05. Pole Position
06. Jag Mechanic
07. King Kill
08. Manawaroa
09. Attack Hold Release
10. Western Fault
11. Bone

Tym Krasevac – drums & vocals
Marney Macleod – guitar & vocals
Elise Bishop – bass
Toni Kendall – bass
Justin Fuller – guitar on trk 1,3,8,9 & 11

Mixed by Elise @ Jets Studios, December ’04 – May ’05

This one is a total mystery. Not sure where they’re from (New Zealand we guess) or what their story is, other than the fact that it was released on Campbell Kneale’s (Birchville Cat Motel) Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label, and that it is one seriously blown out punked up slab of garage-y scuzz and roll. Heavy and noisy, spastic and sludgy, when this was playing in the front of the store, Allan went up to see what black metal record was playing if that tells you anything. Filthy and crumbling ultra distorted guitars, boy girl vocals WAY down in the mix, riffs that go from paint peeling shred to gut churning rumble. Some ungodly hybrid of vintage Dead C, the Butthole Surfers, The Germs, Flipper, recent AQ faves the Violent Students, and recent Siltbreeze noisemakers Times New Viking. This is definitely punk as fuck, but wrapped in layer after layer of guitar grit and broken amp splatter, classic punk rock swallowed whole, chewed up and spit out in huge sludgy gobs of grrrrr and rrrroooaaar. Epic sludgescapes of pound and churn, showered with wild lightning bolts of squealing feedback. There seem to be pop songs in there somewhere, but don’t even try to dig that deep, you’ll just end up bruised and bloodied, or you’ll lose a hand or an arm. Best to just lay back, close your eyes real tight, clamp your hands tight over your ears, let these noise rockers just back their ten ton punksludge steamroller right over you and pray you survive.
(Aquarius Records)

Tym Krasevac : batterie et voix. Marney Macleod : guitare électrique et voix. Elise Bishop : guitare basse. Toni Kendall : guitare basse. Justin Fuller : guitare électrique (plages 1, 3, 8, 9 et 11). Mixé en 2004-2005. Juvénile qui arrache sous influence Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Nirvana etc… Une puissance de feu très très agréable, ça braille, y’a d’la hargne, ça ramone et c’est foutrement rugueux. Tout baigne. On en connait qui vont jouir.

Il y a prescription alors je peux le dire : ces pochettes vieille tapisserie j’ai toujours trouvé ça moche au possible. A part ça, rock énervé au menu pour aujourd’hui.

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