Jeff Gburek – Impatience (Nothing Out There, 2010)


Jeff Gburek
CDr Nothing Out There n.o.t.#17 (France, 05-2010)

01. 3:51
02. 15:33
03. 11:33
04. 4:34
05. 0:50
06. (with Tetuzi Akiyama) 9:09

Limited edition of 99 copies.
5 solo acoustic guitar tracks and one featuring Tetuzi Akiyama.
Includes special packaging with exclusive ink drawings by Jeff Gburek.

It has already been released, on May 15th, Jeff Gburek’s, « Impatience », a sequence of semi-improvised guitar pieces (recorded in Berlin 2007-2008), plus one track recorded live with Tetuzi Akiyama (recorded live at Radio Afera studios, Poznan, Poland). And it’s about time!
Long ago mixed and ready to go, I had other releases of my electro-acoustic projects – most notably Red Rose for the Sinking Ship on Triple Bath, Virtuous Circles on Absurd and the most recent Remote Provinces on Aural Terrains – all of which seemed to take precedence. The tracks for Impatience were recorded in my former Berlin flat on Gniesenaustrasse 69 on the 6th floor in the appalling quiet of early summer and coincided roughly with a series of solo acoustic concerts I had been playing around town that year. The title refers rather to the central track, number 2, with its protracted breathing spaces which I assumed would tax the patience of some listeners but which had been growing essential in my playing process. The sense of time without sound creating a new situation for a value in sound is essential for understanding « impatience » as a work not simply for the guitar but as an existential consequence of living through the sound of playing and not-playing. The CD as a whole therefore draws upon the unexpected in several ways: some of the pieces can be taken as tradtional articulations of the guitar without any preparations and at first glance not at all conceptualized. The work, upon closer listening, unfolds from the space-time of a reflective folkmusic and gradually opens into wider articulations of space and what I call « outside-time » – wherein there is no longer any pressure to sound or not to sound. Strange what happens inside the outsidetime: the songs themselves become pieces of memory drifting. There is no will to hold them together and yet they do just that revealing the power of the ear close inside the brain putting together the puzzle of fragments: songs seem like interrupted improvisations and improvisations seem like composed songs. But in every case, the listener finds his or her own paths and openings between them, the wind of the mind moving them as much the wind out of mind.
The final track with Tetuzi Akiyama was recorded in September 2008 in Radio Afera Studios in Poznan and while Tetuzi is playing steel-string wooden guitar, myself on prepared slideguitar, tapes and objects. This track previews a full length cd by the two musicians now being mastered. This track on Impatience will be the second time I and Tetuzi appear on cd together, following our concert cd Live at Kule, Berlin, 2005 on Herbal Records.
The CD is hand-made by Constantin Dubois (and his N.O.T. Label, based in France), a collaborative design, using several ink-drawings that I created here in Poznan rather recently.
(Jeff Gburek)

FR Celui-là, ça fait un moment que je voulais le poster, mais j’attendais qu’il soit sold-out au label. Et mine de rien, il en faut du temps pour écouler 99 copies. Mériterait amplement une réédition vinyle.
ENG Stunning acoustic guitar pieces, now sold out at source.

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